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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by thefandancer, Mar 15, 2005.

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    This name-name calling makes me see red (The soldier march 2005)
    In todays Army, which strives for diversity, equal opportunity, and political correctness, i would like to raise an issue which adversely affects a minority, but appears to be "acceptable" to mant serving personnel. The practice of calling people whao have ginger or red hair "gwa" is insulting and offensive. This is verbal abuse and making personal remarks in the workplace is a serious matter. Perpetrators should be reminded of the equally serious consequences this type of harassment could have on them

    ( who is this man )
  3. Well it aint me!
    Im a gwa and proud :lol:
  4. Ok - never heard the term before Arrse. Asking for trouble but ..... please explain Gwa ....
  5. Short for ginger t@sser :wink:

    Somehow methinks PTP will dump this in the NAAFI soon :wink:
  6. Oh - I'm obviously a bit on the thick side not to have seen that. Not impressed, and it's hardly a traditional name.

    The Aussies are more subtle - their carrot-tops are known as 'Blue'
  7. Do we not think this is a little tongue in cheek designed to highlight the growing absurdity of political correctness

  8. Abusing people for their physical,intellectual or social shortcomings is all part of the rich tapestry of life in the military. It is something we all endure, and unless it is taken to extremes, forms part of the bonding within a team.
    Unfortunately, being practically perfect in almost every way, I miss out on this fun, and feel that life has cheated me. I would give your right arm to be gwa, fat, smelly, or incontinent, but alas, I fear I shall just have to soldier on. :roll:
  9. Fandancer - ever associated a scouser with stealing, a welshman with sheep shagging, Bristolian with driving a tractor? Anymore anyone?

    It's called humour and you should try it some time.

    By the way if you are witty enough to be doing the tongue in cheek thing and were just looking for a bite, that may or may not be it. :wink: :lol:

    It hardens you.
  10. Carrot crunchers- Anyone from the West Country :lol:
  11. sorry mate i missed that one
  12. Really depends on who you picking on dosent it . One lots harmless

    fun is anothers harrasement .
  13. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I heard it was Ginger With Attitude!
  14. Ginger With Attitude i think is the root of the insult.

    Cockney Wnaker is a term used at me, couldnt care less. The army has come up with nick names for as long as its existed. If gwa is causing this imbicile offence he should count himself lucky that he isnt the girl mentioned in the birds nicknames thread who was called "airtight" because her surname was Trebblecock.

    Its never going to stop, put up with it. If its causing this individual that much stress and concern, i doubt i could ever trust the man enough to share a trench with him. Wnaker.