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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by STTOMO, Jan 11, 2009.

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  1. Afternoon all ... just found this little gem of a forum while searching on google and thought Id join up.

    Im just in the process of taking my BARB test (2morrow), sent my medical forms off to the GP etc ... and filled out the application forms. Looking at joining the Army Air Corps, from researching them and things it looks a good section of the army and one which Id fit into quite well.

    Wondered if anyone was already in the air corps or hoping to join them as I am? Anyone got any advice for the BARB or the fitness testing?

    Cheers .. Scott
  2. Im joining the AAC mate, start basic in 4 weeks :D

    No advice for the BARB test, its a piece of p1ss for anyone, just common sense questions, fitness testing is basically a 1.5 miler in the chosen time (think for AAC its 14:30 or something) but try to aim for 10 minutes to impress them more, you do a few weight machines, jerry can carry etc. they should have or will brief you at the AFCO before you go to ADSC,

    Good luck mate.
  3. Thanks for the reply mate ... Hopefully ill be cool with the BARB then, Im fairly fit on the whole so with some extra training and things I should walk the fitness tests (fingers crossed) lol

    Which ADSC did you go to? Ive been told by the recruiter that ill be going upto Scotland to do mine, wondered if that was for a reason as Im from Sheffield and the office is in Barnsley. Wish I could start basic in 4 weeks, got a feeling I might be waiting awhile if theres an intake in 4 weeks?
  4. Well i discharged 2 years ago but the first time i also lived in rotherham, went to the office in sheffield, good bunch of chaps up there, then done my ADSC at glencorse in scotland (very modern camp) wasnt too tough.

    I re-enlisted last year and recently done my selection at holywood in belfast, NI (its a sh1thole in my opinion :lol:) but its nothing to worry about.

    As for starting basic only your recruiter would be able to tell you, but to put into perspective ive had to wait 8 months to start for the AAC, other blokes waited less for things like the RLC, either way i've heard its a good job so is worth the wait :D
  5. Yeah thats where he told me Id be going (glencorse), so hopefully wont be too long from doing the BARB and hopefully passing it, to going up there and getting my fitness stuff done at the ADSC.

    Sounds like I could have a wait on my hands if yours has taken 8months, hopefully I might get lucky and it could be sooner, but yeah from what Ive seen, watched and read, it looks a fantastic job.
  6. Bare in mine i re-enlisted, i had alot more paperwork to fill out and process, plus they probably just wanted to see how much i wanted it this time. So don't let my wait put you off im sure you'll get it all squared away soon enough and in sometime this year.
  7. Just incase many people had alook at this thread yesterday ...

    I did the BARB today and got 79, so that opened up a fair few jobs I can do and things. My first choice is the Army Air Corps, although the recruiter said it would be around August till a job opened up in there, which is kind of gutting, but he did say it could be quicker as things get moved around alot of the time.

    Aside from the Air Corps, my second choice is the Royal Armoured Corps (Light Dragoons), which the recruiter himself is part of. Anyone have any more information or first hand experience on these? Ive seen some dvds and read up on them after he mentioned them, looks quite exciting and challenging.

  8. that kinda wait is common at moment, iv been waitin since october n still havnt got a date, but im goin RMP.
  9. Choose a job that you really want to do, last thing you want is to passout of basic and hate your job, it'll be worth the wait, nobody can really say which is the best job i think they are all appealing to certain people, just depends what you see yourself doing in the army.

    I could have opted out of the AAC and went for RLC which would have got me in more or less straight after ADSC but had to stick it out because i know ill enjoy the AAC and apparently your lucky to get into it nowadays, so ill feel apart of a small brotherhood :D
  10. Im not sure if I can wait 8months to be fair though ... the air corps seems a very good place to be but I dont think I could wait the time frame. I may go for my second choice (as the recruiter said pick three you would like to do) ... so basically it would still be a job I want to do.

    I have a funny feeling that might be a long wait also though ... fingers crossed either wouldnt be a massive wait or the air corps entrance date gets brought down afew months.
  11. Like the dude above also mentioned, you'll be waiting long anyway, everybody is joining the army with this big recession, you never thought of the HCAV? apparently RAC aren't doing anything in afghan so you might loose out on some tours if you join the RAC. And i seen my mates accomodation (he's in hcav) and it's even better than that what the RAF gets :D
  12. Oh really?
  13. Yes really... :roll:
  14. Edit: To avoid somebody getting upset about this and b1tching, it came from a RAC sgt, my recruiter, so if you differ your opinion or whatever keep it to yourself.
  15. Its a link , click it. RAC units have been and do go out to Afghanistan.