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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by UKChrisT, Dec 10, 2007.

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  1. Hello,

    I passed my medical on the 28/11/07 and i've got my selection weekend away on the 11-13 of january.

    I have been doing my sit-ups and press up's twice a day. been lacking on the running abit but have just found a clear straight route of exactly a mile to run.

    I think i'll do alright but I might struggle on the run abit, any idea's? how often should I run? I got about a month till my selection.


  2. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    At the ASDC you will have a number of physical tests. The run is actually half mile jog as a group immediately followed by a mile and half individual best effort.

    The only way you're going to prepare for it is to actually run that distance. When I was in recruit training I started to make it just a little bit harder for myself (a bit of a hill in the route) so that when I actually did the test it would feel easier. Might just be a psychological thing, but it seemed to work for me.
  3. Agree with RP a nice hill would be good, but if you live in the flatlands like myself, you could also time yourself over a mile and half, but add on a couple hundred metres, and if you can still come in in the time then your laughing. Also what i did was time myself over the exact distance, then go go off and do different routes for a week or so without timing yourself. Then go back and do the marked course again and you should see a big difference, great for the morale.
    Also sort your diet out stay off the booze (or cut down anyway) and eat healthy for a month you'll be amazed, how good you'll feel and your times will come down also.
    And when your on your selection weekend get as much pasta as they will let you have, the day before the run.

    good luck :D
  4. Cheers for all the advice guys!

    As for the eating healthy, I agree. I'm now eating salad alot which just a couple of months ago I wouldn't touch i've found it alot easier on myself already.

    I seem to have my running sorted now then, i'm actually going to start the mile route inabit and like somebody mentioned if I need that extra bit of distance I can always turn back and begin to run that road again.

    I do struggle abit on my press up's I get to around 18/20 then I dont seem to be able to continue, but i will note few weeks ago i couldn't do any.

    My sit up's are fine, can do my full 50 in 1 minute 35secs.

  5. if its TA your joining, run time is under 14 minutes for the 1.5 mile which shouldnt be hard if your reasonably fit, you should really be aiming for doing it in under 10mins 30.
  6. I struggled with pace for the 2.4km so worked out my required speed and just did it on a treadmill until I could comfortably keep the pace steady. Hurt like fcuk though.
  7. OK, I would suggest to any recruits that the best ting is a 30- 40 minute run twice a week- try to get a bit further each time. Once a week go for a 10 minute 'speed run'. If you do this you will mix stamina training and speed training.
    Pressups/ situps. I suggest do them in blocks of 10 and you will find that you will be able to do that 3 times- a total of 30. As you get better push it out to 4 then 5 reps etc. That is a good tip for the test also.
    Ref diet- dont go mad with salad etc. If you are training you need carbs or you will just not be able to make it at a good pace- it can hold you back. Just cut out the fatty cr*p and mars bars.
  8. Remember....effort is everything.

    You say you can bang out your 50 sit-ups in 1m 35s which is good but if you stop there it will be frowned upon.

    I did the bleep\shuttle test on my test which, I find has differnt dynamics to a all out 1.5 mile run. Something to bear in mind....
  9. The PTI's at Grantham told us that if you are doing a PFT then just stop as soon as you have got to your target for sit ups and press ups. No point busting a gut for nothing.

    However for RSC, Mod 1 and 2 and Part 1b and 1c then its "best effort" and the only target you need to achieve is under 14 mins for the run.