In the process of joining, but i'm worried i could fail on Medical.

Hi there,

Around 2 months ago i applied to join, and have passed all prior steps (My Application, Medical documents, and interviews) and will be attending a PPDA on August 7th, however i was worried i could be disqualified on a medical basis as i was diagnosed with Depression around this time last year.

Personally i never felt i had depression, I never self harmed, I never had suicidal thoughts, but i was being really lazy (Sleeping alot) and failing school. My mums first reaction wasn't that im some lazy bum, but that i had depression, she took my to the GP's and coaxed them into a diagnosis as a Depressive episode. At the time i took this as an easy way our of changing my habits like an idiot, but not long after I got sick of how i was and began hitting the gym and running alot.

I was prescribed Anti-depressives, however i never actually took them, (I was worried they would **** me up since i wasn't actually depressed). I was given the all clear of not having any of the symptoms anymore by the doctor i had to see afterwards a couple months ago, but i'm still worried this blot on my medical record could get me DQ'd.

I am healthy in every aspect now, and can easily meet both the physical and mental standards of joining. Does anyone have any advice on what i can do, If it will matter, to the extent it will matter it it does, or if there is any way i can hide it if it meant i would not be able to join.

Thanks, i appreciate any help :)
The bit were you decided you weren't depressed even thought the doctor said you were. Use the search function this has been done to death.
search for the 'all medical' thread in the 'joining up section and JSP 950.

I would give you links but I've used up my quota for the month already.
The bit were you decided you weren't depressed even thought the doctor said you were. Use the search function this has been done to death.
I'm sorry but i really don't see it in what i wrote?

I understand that, i went and read the armys terms on it, but it all seems to subjective to every single case on the length on the episode, and that i never felt i was depressed, unlike the majority of other cases where they understand or vouch for the fact they where depressed.

I just wanted to get someones opinion on my specific situation. Through searching too i have yet to find a complete full answer regarding the policy. I'm sorry if the question has been asked to death, just really nervous i wont make it in because of this :(
also search for "it's all my mums fault", "I never took 'em" and "I know better than the GP now that it's having a negative effect on my life"


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The only reasonable advice you will get is that you need to go through the process. You will have an uphill battle convincing the army that the diagnosis was wrong but unless you try you'll never know.

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