In the papers, again (well NOTW anyway)!

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by ashford_old_school, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. Has anyone else seen the rather tasty ex-member of the corps in the News of the Screws today? I would do a linky but my skills don't stretch that far! I must admit I wouldn;t mind her feeling my collar, or anything else!!!
  2. Bugger! I don't remember anyone looking that fit during my time in the Corps!

    ..........except Mrs B_A naturally, Oh and that yummy blonde from 110, and the very capable wife of a very capable man, and the twosome from 125.......................... hang on!

    Good to see here keeping the Corps end up, as it were!
  3. Cheers TB. Yes that minx ideed. Although she couldn't have spent much time in as she is 26 and spent 8 years in the police! Maybe someone knows why she could only have spent a few months in the Corps.
  4. Perhaps she is related to 1Sec?
  5. well, i agree with the first bit...

    think i can guess which two you mean - one of them from M*A*S*H? :)
  6. One of you must recognise her!!

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  7. Probably driven to distraction by Dimside 'lotharios'.
  8. Apparently, her next gig is producing some sort of information film for the Home Office! Well that's what the expenses form stated anyway! :lol:
  9. Well, I did see her Dressing, boom, boom!

    No doubt Digger 2000 will pop up soon to tell us how jealous we are and I will have to stop all my ribald digs for another few weeks!

    Self-policing now you see. Mrs B_A has trained me well!
  10. I'd suggest the lack of tape means she probably didn't make it through Phase 2 training. It seems this is the week for the Corps being in the public eye. Did anyone see this from the MOD website:

  11. Hmm. Couple of quick points.

    1. 'Being in the public eye' means, I am sure, a wee bit more than having your capbadge in the background of a picture. Or are we SO desperate for attention?

    And 2. 'public eye' and 'MOD website'. Quite how you've managed to squeeze those two phrases into the same sentence is impressive.

    Still, always nice to see the Princess Royal.
  12. Public if you have internet access!
  13. That's not what you said.

    You said 'public eye', a set phrase which, although I don't have a dictionary to hand to offer a precise definition, implies a certain amount of visibility of the subject by those who wouldn't necessarily go looking for it.
    For example, Victoria Beckham, Jade Goody et al. All individuals in the public eye whether one wants to know about their latest diet or not.

    Really. The MOD website. God help us.
  14. yes, interesting now whos has banged the fair maiden and did she have her back doors kicked in??