In the Name of the Rose

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Next_to_the_Tank, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. The In the Name of the Rose interactive display has now been installed in the Corps Museum. It is a fully searchable database of all the Corps' casualties since the Second World War displayed on a large screen. It has been professionally built (rather than hacked together using second-hand IT and MDF nicked from a building site) and uses a mass of material pulled together by one of our Regional secretaries. It is impressive.

    The next new exhibit will be the BRIXMIS display inside to compliment the G-Wagen for all you Cold War Warriors (Due May 07) followed by an SOE display.

    A display is also up for the Falklands War 25th Anniversary - but new material will be very welcome.

    Opening times 1000-1400 hrs Mon-Thurs or by appointment. (Civvies by appointment only to gain access to the camp).

    Call 01462 752342
  2. I can just imagine the SOXMIS impersonator walts (See the Rose and Laurel thread) rolling up at the front gate asking to see the the G-Wagen - you cannot help wonder if the museum staff get paid enough!
  3. Is none of that 'sub rosa' ;)

  4. When can we have an interactive database for current operations so that new casualties can be reduced !!!!