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This film, about the Guildford Four, is being shown on Friday on BFBS.

Why does this make me uncomfortable? I've no doubt that the Guildford four were wrongly convicted and that the Police conduct in this case was wrong. They got the wrong people convicted and let the guilty go free.

I suppose I still can't help feeling that this film is IRA sympathetic (I have not seen it so I'm airing my prejudices) I can't help wondering if it really is one we want on BFBS.
It's a good film, but watch it tongue in cheek. Loads of discrepancies. One thing to think about. Although they were all released through the Court of Appeal, one of the alleged bombers had previously been implemented in the kidnap and death of a Squaddie in Belfast before the bombing in Guildford. The brother of the dead soldier appeared on a C4 documentary a few years ago, confronting this person who categorically denied he was responsible for the murder. Google for more info and draw your own conclusions.
Can't see why BFBS shouldn't show it, but I share your unease Sknn regarding this film. It certainly gave neutrals a stilted impression and allowed IRA apologists to wring their hands. Now whenever I see Emma Bloody Thompson on the TV, I turn it over. In comments she made to fluff the film up, she gave the IRA and supporters a lot of comfort.


Some of the evidence was subjected to more modern forensic testing... The rumour is that it put one or two people back in the frame, unfortunately its now inadmissible evidence. How about a public inquiry into the use or misuse of evidence in this case?

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