In The Loop - Feature-Length New Labour Spin

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Fifth_Columnist, Apr 16, 2009.

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  1. Having become increasingly frustrated with the 'New' Labour placemen on the 'Another C*ck-Up at No 10" thread, I thought I should draw everyone's attention to the Film 'In The Loop' which is released tomorrow. If you have seen 'The Thick Of It', Armando Ianucci's turbo-charged Yes Minister for the noughties, then this is a full-length, cinematic version. If you haven't seen The Thick Of It, make an effort to do so, it is brilliant.

    Anyway, there is a great film site, with a trailer featuring the Alistair Campbell-esque spin-doctor Malcolm Tucker that will load and play immediately it has loaded - it is quite sweary, so not in front of the kids!

    I heard Armando being interviewed the other day, and he is relishing the fact that the current 'spin' story is just going to make his film even more popular and the satire within even more biting. It was pointed out that there is a bit in the film about him advising the minister not to claim back hotel porn films on expenses - given that the film was in the can months ago, that is a remarkably prescient piece of satire.

    The site is at this LINK

    It is quite an elaborate site, and you can even follow Malcolm and his side-kick on Twitter. I am sure that they won't mind me reproducing the following from their site (supposedly an e-mail from Malcolm Tucker to all Ministers - clearly it has been tarted up to include reference to the fragrant Jacqui Smith's recent embarrassment):

  2. If it's anything like the trailer then I'm in.
  3. Can't find any screenings of the film in any cinema near me.

    A pity as I am a huge fan of "In The Thick Of It"!
  4. You're right, it is only on at a number of cinemas - hopefully the current political embarrassment will get the film the coverage it needs to be a nationwide 'must-see'. I have just googled 'cinema, in the loop, and the first half of my postcode' and it has found me one within 12 miles - worth every mile. :D
  5. I've found a screening about 10 miles away as the crow files. I might make a special trip myself. :)
  6. Just been to see it. Lost a bit of momentum in the middle, but certainly one of the funniest films in ages - with the added bonus of being a stinging satire of New Labour and its spin-machine.

    "Thoroughly Recommended - 5 Stars" - Fifth_Columnist
  7. I watched it today as well. It is brilliant. I found the dialogue scathingly funny and the depiction of the machinations of government is absorbing to watch. I never once looked at my watch throughout.

    Thoroughly recommended.