In the land of the free..bollox

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Laddie, Feb 6, 2006.

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  1. So, I have to be in Connecticut for a while and use the time spent alone in the hotel for some quality ARRSE-ing. Eagerly I read this thread and also followed this stable belt link, kindly provided by FF.

    But what happens when I click the link? See for yourself...Here we are (I am) in a deomocratic country, and get this:

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  2. You have to think in terms of the bigger picture, Laddie. Any measure that makes life harder for pie-munching Spam Walts has to be seen, on balance, as a good thing. Your sacrifice helps keep America safe from the Walt scourge and you have earned the thanks of a grateful nation.

    If none is forthcoming, if I were you I'd just order a grumble flick on pay-per-view and climb aboard the wankchariot. You'll feel better for it afterwards.
  3. Nice to see you too, you crabby....
  5. Good morning, crabby puss.
  6. Do you think you could please, just once, find something to post that is even of the slightest bit of interest to anyone? Maybe a story about a weekend trip with your "fishing buddy" perhaps:

    Yank60 & Neo_Con, yesterday.
  7. Check out photoshop fun. But you're a dick, you'll have something smart to say about that too. Life is too short to be a life support system for an a**hole. Be nice. :D :D :D
  8. Already posted. :wink:

    How sweet of you to share your grandmother's dying words to you with me. I'm quite moved. Cheers.
  9. Yeah, I like you too. Come on over, we'll have...tea.
  10. Go and argue somewhere else. Leave my thread alone.
  11. Why are you using German windows?

    Could be that that is causing the problem.
  12. I am on my company laptop; I work in Germany for a German company, currently in USA. The Germans wouldn't dare block it, in Germany the slightest mention of state control gets everybody calling each other Nazis all over again

    The problem is something to do with the IP Address that I use to access the net (here Google and others use a similar method to direct you to, for example, or

    So the US government is obviously controlling/restricting what can be shown on the internet via US IP Addresses. Just recently there was outrage here, becuse China had convinced google not to allow certain "revolutionary" content.