In The Highest Tradition

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by scarletto, Aug 26, 2011.

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  1. "oh the damn Frogs.....god bless 'em, god bless 'em"

  2. They managed to hide the series quite well on iPlayer, but I was able to watch every episode. Thoroughly enjoyed it, some of it resembled a Monty Python sketch but all very interesting to a saddact sucker for stuff like that, like myself.

    Would be interested to know how many of those traditions are still observed, few I would imagine, most of those regiments were victims of options for change and the more recent round of cuts...
  3. HHH

    HHH LE

    How did you find the first three episodes on iPlayer ?
  4. Found episode 2 and 3 on youtube
  5. Also the series shows the Army 'at peace'. I doubt units would have the time to prepare for some of those traditions...

    And I can't see a bunch of Fijians in kilts cutting the same dash of panache dancing to bagpipes!!!
  6. just watched the episodes on you tube..

    fantastic. Can't think of anything more to say.
  7. True, and I'm never one to argue against the important thing being the job... traditions are superficial and frivolous, but also nice to do. Many of the traditions documented in those episodes were from the 19th century, some from earlier, which means they survived wars of empire, the boer war (quite serious war, not really appreciated today) and two world wars.

    I wonder if it used to be the case that traditions and such were dropped during conflicts and revivied by the pre-war old and bold afterwards, and we will see something similar happen after 2014. That's assuming the customs have been dropped, fusiliers still have bobby and the RW still have their goat. Has the traiditon of the sgts mess taking custody of the colour for a day survived into the PWRR can anyone say? Do the RRF still eat minden roses?
  8. napier

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    "Scots Greys are overrated. Plenty of other Cavalry Regiment that have done better than them."

    Talbot6832 1 day ago

    This comment on youtube after episode 4 shows Talbot6832 (ARRSEr?) to be an utter knob (and no, I'm not a Scots DG)
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  9. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    and who is the foxy WRAC Ack Adjt with the RRW at 18.14 in episode 1?
  10. A classic definition at the start of episode one: 'Not so much a British Army, more a confederation of regiments. Hopefully fighting for the same side.'
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  12. HHH

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    Many thanks.
  13. I'd never heard of the story of Minnie the mule...

    But I like what the guy said.

    (paraphrasing) 'The Japanese must have realised they would never win, when the whole of the Brigade fought them off an area so that a plane could land for medivacing the wounded... one of th wounded was Minnie the Mule. She died in Egypt in 1951.'

    Only the British would be so sentimental. Especially the story about her giving birth, her handlers didn't realise she was pregnant, and the lads all comng down to feed her cups of tea and sugar.