In the forces and being a SC?

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by ports3, May 21, 2012.

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  1. The title says it all really, is it a total bar with all forces that you can not be a special if you are a serving soldier?
    I’ll await the usual bollocks from the retards on here!
  2. I was enquiring the same last year, no one really knew the answer and any I did get contradicted each other!
  3. Just for info really, maybe we can't do as we would go around smashing everyone!
  4. Regular police officers can be TA soldiers (know of several in various units, not just RMP). It doesn't work the other way round, though.
  5. oldbaldy

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    What? TA soldier's can't be regular police officers?
  6. He's saying if your a reg copper you can join the TA but I think it has to be a specialist unit like RMP or something chip shop like that, but you can't be a reg soldier and be a SC!
  7. To the OP - you cannot be serving and be an SC.

    Queens Regulations:

    I understand there is some background work to either amend or remove this Regulation as with many Police Forces looking to only recruit SCs/PCSOs as full time Police Constables in the future, this Regulation could prevent many soldiers joining.

    Best of luck anyway.
  8. Rgr, I kinda thought that was the case. cheers .
  9. Sooner be a special than a squaddie, the pay, hours and suits are heaps better.


    Seriously! Do you have a uniform fettish or somthing?

  10. Not true a couple of fuzz in my TA unit and we are certainly not monkeys! Even have a few who are also specials as well.
  11. Mate,

    I'm a serving Special Constable and can confirm that you can't join whilst serving as a regular in HM forces .
    As stated in the relevant regs it caused numerous issues.

  12. Do they have a uniform fettish as well?
  13. As above you can do both TA and SC if you have the time, inclination and no personal life.....
    There is no restriction for regular police officers which type of TA unit they serve in ,its down to the unit CO and I know plenty of regular Police Officers who are in the TA.

    Theres a real balance as far as combining 2 different elements of part time service is concerned.
    I would not have dreamed of joining the SC whilst still in the TA as its a completley unrealistic demand on your time.
    I remain on the books now as a CCF officer but only do about 4 weekends per year a 1 week battle camp and no drill afternoons so it doesn't impact upon my SC Police duties at all. (obviously the Police duties always come first also)
  14. ref the TA lads in the SC ......
    where on earth do they find the time ?