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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Reginald_Jeeves, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. Dear arrsers,

    I find an acquaintance of mine is in a somewhat delicate situation. Allow me, if you will, to expand..

    A young lady met with a ‘gentleman’ who is a soldier in the fine British Army. They entered into an amorous relationship, after the start of which Miss A discovered that the Mr. B was already in a long term relationship with Miss C. Unwisely the affair continued on the rare occasions they were geographically close enough to meet.

    Recently she discovered that her usual ‘Monthlies’ had not arrived and upon it being 4 weeks overdue she carried out a pregnancy test. This test turned out to be positive.
    Mr. B has since been avoiding all contact (somewhat late I fear) with Miss A and ignoring the current situation .
    My questions to you, the arrse community, are these;

    What (in your opinions) should everyone be doing about this?
    What happened to honesty, integrity etc?
    What advice can you give these two?

    Many thanks for your replies.
  2. Everyone shouldn't be doing anything about it - Miss A should have kept her legs shut or used something (especially when she found out she was Mr B's mistress) and Mr B should have kept it in his pants seeing as how he was already in a relationship.

    Integrity went out of the window the second Mr B started playing hide the sausage with Miss A. Miss A reinforced the lack of integrity by continuing to let Mr B park his car in her garage when she knew he was already dipping his wick in Miss C.

    As for advice to give to these 2 - grow up! Get an abortion or sort out maintenance, apply for a council house, get some big hooped earrings and start pushing out kids to fund her council subsidised lifestyle. Christen kids Wayne and Waynetta let Mr B continue to poke Miss A at the same time as banging Miss C. Miss A is as guilty as Mr B and I hope they are proud of themselves for being d!ckheads.
  3. get it on as a 3 some.
  4. The couple get married.

    Have baby.

    Baby grows older.

    All go on holiday as a family.

    Fail to procure services of babysitter.

    Lose child

    Travel world on endless holidays paid for by gullible tw*ts like you.

    Jobs a goodun.
  5. If miss C is innocent in all of this, she needs to be told, then go to a clinic for tests. Mr B is a Prat, Miss A, who knew about Miss C now has to suffer the consequences for the rest of her natural
  6. This sort of thing is hardly new. The poster states they rarely got together. This suggests they are independent adults. Maybe I'm old-fashioned. My own daughter was sired 25 years ago, by, what one would now describe as a f**k-buddy, who was between relationships. (Our approach to contraception was honest, but erratic.) I was pleased to be pregnant and glad to be a sole parent. I took a year off work, on maturnity pay/benefits. On returning to work (three nights a week, higher rate of pay) my mother helped with childcare. I inheritted money, so the house was paid for. I worked, to support myself and my daughter. I had a partner living with me for a few years. There is no conflict over the way the child is brought up. And so on ......

    Edited to add: though, in those days, one was not obliged to name the father .... or claim maintenance.
  7. I just held an impromptu quorum with DozyBint and we concur:

    Miss A's a hoo-er.

    Mr. B's a b@stard.

    Get rid of it before they inflict their stupidity and selfishness on yet another innocent human being.
  8. And what about poor Miss. C... she clearly wasn't putting out to satisfy Mr. B so he found Miss. A and now what a bleeding mess.

    Don't really agree with abortions but think in the circumstances it would probably be best for all concerned especially as Mr. B now has his head firmly up his own arse.