In the crap with the missus...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by squiffy_parsons, May 22, 2008.

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  1. ho hum.....escaped and went walkabout without a responsible grownup for a couple of hours....bought a new watch.....rolex submariner...wife has gone fucking ballistic, maxed out the credit card. She'll see the funny side by the morning. :D
  2. I doubt it Submariners are crap
  3. Yeah but that applies to the Navy as a whole.
  4. Why did you buy a Submariner?


    Have you gone into selling space or have you lost any ounce of taste you may have once had?
  5. She might see the funny side but proper watchifosi will just ridicule you.

    The only people who buy or wear Rolex Submariners are the sort that think the most expensive Champagne in Tescos is 'quality'.

    Its a crap watch, overly expensive, designed for idiots, built by Cambodians and worn by lottery winners. It loses more time than a black hole the size of two black holes.
  6. The learned and time piece educated lord is right.

    If I had a Sub I'd use it as a wedge or give it to someone I wasn't keen on.
  7. I'd rather wear a pink Baby G-Shock.
  8. I'd sooner not know the time
  9. How much is a Submarine watch then? My timex cost $20 in the PX (I broke the gucci casio one with acompass thingy).

    Did it cost more than a car or do you just have crap credit rating?
  10. Let her take a bath - then drown her.
  11. Rolex are made from recycled commercial catering equipment. Then they get a chap to get a quality Swiss movement and fcuk about with it with magnets and hammers.

    Then they put them together with the stuff you lick on the back of stamps and sell them to stupid people.
  12. you didnt seriously buy a rolex???????????????????

    I work with remote submarines and one of our supervisors tested his rolex by strapping it to the front and testing it whilst recording the dive, Thing filled up quicker than the belgrano.
    He sent the video and soggy remains to Rolex. They sent a replacement but asked him not to repeat the test.

    Take it back and swap it for an Omega
  13. Mmm possibly.....

    Breitlings are far sexier and betterer
  14. No, go for a Timex.
  15. Should have bought a G shock mate, there's expensive.