In the Court of King Fred I of Scotland

I'm reasonably sure we all know the answer to that one. I'm damned sure Fred and the Chief Constable both do.
Well, with reference to the cover of Private Eye, anyone who goes clay-pigeon shooting wearing penny-loafers is a cnut of the first water!
Well, some on Cuddles. A caption of a man holding a shotgun saying, "Don't worry, it's not loaded" and the gun replying, "Unlike you, you b*****d!" was well worth a front-page fashion faux pas.
Why am I not surprised? RBS owes me 3K for miss-sold loan protection insurance, they agreed to refund me 3 months ago...and I'm still waiting! Had I held up paying them for 3 months the bailiff's would have been valueing the contents of my MFO box by now! I hope Goodwin rots in hell, he is a greedy son of a bitch who deserves little sympathy from the people.
He is a c0ck.
Cuddles said:
He is a c0ck.

He can't be that much of a c0ck to be signing a contract that will give him £3m (less tax) and an annual pension of £700k. The ones who are c0cks are the ones that gave him the deal in the first place.

Hands up who would not take it.

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