In the aftermath of the Lords defeat of 42 days bill...

Lord West has revealed 'another great plot by Al-Madeup and their fellow travellers is ongoing'

Which appears to come as news to those involved in T.W.A.T. and others.

Patrick Mercer and Frank Gardener have just mused idly on BBC24 on what exactly The Lord Spithead is banging on about??
And if it isn't made up then the tw@ts should have stuck to their guns - but they didn't.

Timw for them to the Gobmint to go as nobody has any confidence in them an longer.
Personally, I reckon we're only a matter of a few weeks away from people in robes coming onto our streets and disrupting our way of life. PROOF.

It was a shit idea, nobody believes the rationale and we've already seen all the other anti-terror measures abused for non-terrorism-related purposes. Thank god the unelected House still have some principles left even despite being stuffed full of cronies. Why aren't our elected representatives defending our freedoms instead?
smartascarrots said:
Why aren't our elected representatives defending our freedoms instead?
A lot of them are. Unfortunately some of the Honourable Members are more interested in pleasing their bosses in the Labour Party and staying an MP rather than doing their jobs. This is why I've always like the House of Lords in that once you're in you're in, no more bloody politics or grubbing for votes/party approval. It allows them to be truely independent.

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