In ten words or less, what fcuks u off in the services

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SKJOLD, Jun 9, 2004.

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  1. :evil: Lack of appreciation for new Ideas!

  2. DHE, BFGVLO and other civ servant/RO empires.
  3. The drunks (on duty).
  4. civi companies running our messes.
  5. The adoption of business speak by (mostly) staff officers and those who wish to curry favour with 'the management'.

    Too much fawning over politicians who visit ships and units. A salute is a mark of repect too far for 99% of them. Although, unless I was seeing things, last time Bliar went to Iraq, the welcoming party didn't wear headgear so no salutes. A change of policy or aircraft safety?

    Adoption of US rank pins when working with the US Armed Forces. Let the Septics learn what our badges mean. The Navy is easy when they stick to stripes!

    People who don't read orders! How many words? :wink:
  6. Certainly agree with the 'adoption of business speak'. They're all at it. It's a shame that most can 'talk the talk', but either can't or refuse to 'walk the walk'.

    Civvies running Messes.

    Civvies in any job where a Tom can do it better and is more accountable.

    Civvies in any job apart from the pan bash actually.

    Army Legal Services.

    The lack of Sqn/Coy bars.

    NAAFI's 'shadow' over the the Services abroad.

    The crap pay that dependants receive in Germany in comparison with locals doing the same job.

    LE Officers doing the 'Landed Gentry' thing

    Council estate Officers doing the 'Landed Gentry' thing.

    The constant onslaught of Political Correctness.


    Estate wardens.

    Getting wheeled out to put on demonstrations for visitors.......if you wanna see what I do.........feel free to pop in and watch me at work.
  7. Sorry.........that was slightly more than ten words.
  8. Yeah, but the sentiments are right.
  9. But Baddass the garden that DHE have given me is huge - surely that entitles me to "Landed Gentry" status as an LE Officer!
  10. Annington Homes selling MQ's to Pikeys, who are my neighbours.
  11. Doing up a barracks/quarter/hospital (whatever) then handing it over to civvies!
  12. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Spot on...and linked to 'creeping expectation'..i.e.

    give a bloke a 10 minute phone card and he wants 20, give him 20 he wants 30 etc etc

    Blokes on TELIC 1 (mainly remfs and crabs) demanding to know when the aircon was being fitted, and why they couln't have sattelite TV in their bashas,,,

    get the point???
  13. Sorry, do we still have a military? I was under the impression we are now the mildy violent wing of the civil service.

    Anything that has Defence (DHFS etc) in front of it. Thats very Japenese. They were told they could only have a defence force after the war.

    All of the above thats already be mentioned.
  14. I take it that the wife doesn't buy Baked Beans anymore then?