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could somebody tell me whether the SLC (standard learning credits) can be used to pay for A-levels? For example, could I receive the £175 maximum education grant, enroll on a £250-£300 A-level course and just pay the difference?

I've just finished a degree so doing GCSE's for 4 years will be a waste of time but I am interested in taking full advantage of the Army education scheme.

I believe I get a HNC and HND the further I progress with my trade, do these come out of the SLC and ELC?
As you already have a degree I would suggest sticking to this format if the option is available to you, the choices available through the Education system is vast & IMO well recommended, apologises if you already know this info but I've put it up anyway, best advice is speak to your Education Staff for what suits you,

The SLC allows Service people to obtain a grant through their unit to support their own personal development. The individual is expected to contribute 20% of the cost of the course themselves, with the Service providing 80% up to a maximum of £175.

SLCs may not be used for branch/trade training, annual fees for professional bodies/institutes, course books and materials. You must register your intention to claim and show proof of completion before money will be released. Details of the scheme can be obtained from your unit education/training officer or administrative staff and DINs

IMO: a visit to your Education officer is advisable for individual cases, call the UCAS hotline on
01242 227788

Payouts from the ELC scheme started in April 2004. It offers £1,000 a year for three years after four years' service or £2,000 a year for three years after eight years' service; both periods reckoned from 1 April 2000. Service people must pay at least 20% of the cost of the learning and can claim for up to 10 years after they leave. A wide range of learning can be taken, provided it is at level 3 or above, and ELCs taken while serving will be tax-free

ELC must be Level 3 or above,

I'm currently using my ELC (higher tier) for a MSc (part time) but doing the correct specific research in relation to the Degree within the market Environment was the key prior to under taking such studies, good luck

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