In-service postgraduate degrees.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by owee, Jan 31, 2004.

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  1. I'm thinking seriously about joining the army as an Infantry Officer and am presently reading for an undergraduate degree.

    I've noticed in-service degrees mentioned in various bits of Army literature, but haven't really been able to find out much about them. I may be looking to do a further degree (MA/Phd) after I have finished this one. I'm not sure whether to join the Army first, then with a bit of real world experience go back to university later in life, or sit a further degree fairly soon after finishing this one, then potentially join the army after that.

    What are the chances of me being able to join the army then read for a further degree while I'm still in the services? How keen are the army for this course of action? What restrictions do the army put on what (and where) you can actually study?

    I know if I pass RCB (supposed to sit last year but injured - car accident - now going up this summer) I will have secured a place at Sandhurst until the age of 29, but are the army likely to value further study before joining, or would they like me less experienced and more malleable??
  2. Owee,

    You will join under the new career structure, which has study up to masters level already planned into it.

    If you do well within your army career, it will be some 10 years or so before you reach the modular masters degree level under current plans, and somewhat longer if you are the average player.

    However there is always flexibility in the system so do not be too put off by that.

    The modular Masters Degree is something that you will comlpete alongside your busy and demanding job. There are other options available. Should you wish to crack on under your own steam, there are a couple of schemes to assist you financially, and there are seperate schemes for MDA (the olive-green MBA)

    Bear in mind that you will be too busy in the first ten years burying cows, sheep, driving fire engines and the like to have time to study.

    Good luck
  4. Thanks BB, much helpful advice.
  5. You can f*ck off too, you feeble minded cretin.

    To the question. Must agree with the boy in blue (not a crab, I hope!). But you must also ask yourself what you're in this for. You either want to spend some of the best years of your life in one of the best professions you will have the privilege to be a part of, or you will want to broaden the mind. Both are admirable, but I suggest you don't let one get in the way of the other. Your call.
  6. I am a copper with an MA in police studies. It's been F--- all use to me in my first 10 years service and I'll probably have to do another one if I aspire to the highest ranks in the service.


    Maybe you'd be better of going straight to RMAS, better qualified people than me could advise. :idea:

    Postgrad degrees are good fun though as you get treated like an adult and can concentrate on what interests you.

    Whats an MDA? Where can you do one?

  7. MDA is a Masters Degree in Defence Administration. It was basically a cobbled together arsse wipe military version of the far better MBA - Masters in Business Administration (cheap military compromise anyone?). It's run at RMCS Shrivenham and is now accredited by Cranfield University. However, and quite rightly, they refuse to give it the status of the MBA which they offer at their main site.
    If you do anything, do the MBA. Best re-settlement course going. By far.
  8. Try an NVQ, it as got to be worth more than the toilet paper that the MDA will be printed on. Which future boss is going to give anyone a job with a MDA apart from Sodexo, could you clean the toilets in the Sgts mess. :p :p
  9. or work behind the bar, mines a fosters, what about you Alfie?
  10. Make it a bottle of Moet, and charge it to my mess bill. Excellent Sgts to the officers mess at Christmas and did'nt the Sodexo staff look smart, I think they had one of those MDA things...! 8) :p 8)
  11. Whatever you do finish you current degree at a civi university where you might be having some fun. The last place that I would want to do any undergraduate study is RMCS! As for joinging the inf with a degree well that is a different matter - perhaps for the NAAFI Bar :lol: .

    You can do an in-service degree but usually it is for those non-grads who have time on their side, this will not be the best option for you. You can still however go for the Open University (if you have the time), which is certainly the option that many go for.

    What do you really want with a post grad degree? Speak to people in industry, unless its a MBA then it is probably not worth the hassle and more importantly the expense. It all depends on what you see yourself doing in the longer term - future professor then yes, leading light in industry then not worth it.

    OU is not an issue (no restrictions on study and some CO's may give you the time off outside of leave ops permitting), and the Army will even pay some of your expenses. If you stay in long enough you should be able to do a MSc or MA through the officer education system. I would not hold my breath though as they are probably not worth the paper they are written on!

    I would seriously reconsider my options if doing a postgrad degree was going make you 29 before you would get to Sandhurst (I am not even sure the system would even take you). I would imagine that as an old dog by then you will probably not take too well to new tricks, especially as the directing staff will be your age! But horses for courses.....

    Apologies for the long winded reply, but more than happy for you to pm me if further questions.