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I would be most grateful if you could please pass on any current information regarding In-Service Degrees, particularly in the Infantry as I am flirting with going non-grad, doing 3-4 years service then applying to do a degree whilst staying in the Army. Simple things like availability, Universities, courses, conditions, pay etc. will all be useful alongside anything you believe to be of relevance.

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The first and most obvious route is the Defence Techinal Undergraduate Scheme. The scheme is described at this link, with some details (such as bursary),:DESG DTUS

It is rather better described here: Welbeck DTUS Page

Data on In-Service degrees is less clearly defined, although it could be done better. But essentially In-Service Degrees are open to technical officers in technical subjects. The technical corps are RE, REME, RLC, R SIGNALS. These usually take place after your first appointment.

All officers can gain the following qualifications as part of their career progression: Accreditation Page on Army Website

Plymouth/Portsmouth University through Wilts & Somerset Colleges Partnership - progressive route through from Level 5 to an MA or MSc with E-learning Foundation Degree in Business and Management

Bournemouth University - e-learning pathway to a full BA (Hons) in International Business & Management

Newcastle Business School/Northumbria University - BA (Hons) Leadership and Management Work based Learning Award

In addition the Army trialled a non-technical BA/BSc from the OU in 09-10, but the results have not been made available, as far as I know, in relation to take up and success.

You may have heard stories from the past about In-Service degrees in non-technical subjects: they no longer exist.

Later in your career you may become eligible for courses at the Defence Academy which will either go towards, or complete the necessary for Master's level qualifications (such as the long (course) information systems MSc). Likewise the advanced and higher courses of the staff college could get you a further Master's qualification including the MDA.

The Army has access to MPhil courses at Cambridge and other universities.

If you go on some overseas staff college courses you may get a degree from them too.

The Modular Masters Programme has been terminated except for those already enlisted on courses.

There are options through the enhanced learning credits system to get a degree partially funded by the MOD.


'JD150', unfortunately I do not have access to ArmyNet as I am not serving.

'barbs', as I am planning to join the Guards I have no need or interest in doing a technical degree. I was thinking along the lines of reading History somewhere. If this is not available then I may stay non-grad or go to University before. A friend who went non-grad and joined an Infantry Regiment was planning on doing an In-Service degree but I haven't been able to contact him as yet.

Thanks for your responses,

The only Officers I know who have done an in-service degree recently were RLC and REME. They said that they were exclusively for technical corps/regiments and there are very few available even then.

As far as I know (and I apologise for this not being verbatim from a DIN) there is not the option to pick a degree from any old uni in any old subject whilst in any old regiment. Those (expensive) days are gone.

Even if it were available, they would be rocking horses proverbial and what benefit do the infantry get from sending you to uni for 3 years, instead of just putting you through a couple more postings?

If you want a degree get one first. If you want to serve more than you want to study, go non-grad - the pros and cons of that have been done to death on here.


Thanks very much. I have gathered very quickly there is effectively no such thing and as such I need to make a pretty hasty decision about University of non-grad.

Thanks all for your input.

No brainer. Go to university first - you will grow up and experience real life, and get better paid for it when you join up. The Army will still need officers in 3 years time. Join the OTC whilst you are there to 'keep your hand in'.
I cannot imagine why you would base your career on an in service degree, you might not even get through Sandhurst (plently of very able candidates get injured) and if you do, it's enormously competetive to get an ISD place. The only people I know who have done them are REME and RLC (and one Navy punter but they don't count- IIRC he did theology) and they have done technical degrees.

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