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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by barmy_babe, Jul 25, 2009.

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  1. I'm considering joining the gunners as an officer but am a non grad. Does anyone know how many in-service degrees the gunners offer a year? If so, what subjects? Do they need to be technical?
  2. Bit of trig and a BA in loud noises... probably.
  3. Think you mean loud bangs.

    A BA in how to kill peeps from Fooking miles away would be useful :)
  4. Opportunities for in-service degrees do exists; places are always very hotly contested, so unless you're in a technical corps and hoping to do a technical degree you've got no hope. Also after getting into the army, passing out of Sandhurst etc, would you really want to go straight back into civvy street to do your degree? My advice, and I've said this before, is to go to uni first, enrol in DTUS if you can, and join afterwards. Don't bank on becoming an ISDO as it's so competitive.

  5. MLRS and Starstreak make loud wooshey noises though. ANd if a UAV operator hears a bang it generally means he's stacked it on the landing :D

    Didn't think you went straight back to civvie strasse after Sandhurst... I thought it was traditional to do a year or two and at least get your second pip.

    IIRC the Engrs, Signals, REME and RLC definitly do the degrees. Not sure about the Gunners.
  6. Now you mention it all the ISDOs I've ever met have been lieutenants at least. But the point stands that if you were enjoying yourself in your new life with the army, were on the career ladder, had settled into your unit, would you then want to leave it all to be effectively a civilian again for three years? Far better IMO to go to uni first, enjoy the student experience with people your own age, make the most of the very attractive opportunities the army offers whilst at uni, then go full time afterwards.
  7. Aleady at RMAS so no chance to do it before! Only thinking about it at the moment as not really sure I want to spend 3 years on course with a bunch of 18 yr olds as a mature student either. Just looking around at my options. FYI in-service degrees are usually done upon reaching the rank of captain, which as a non grad is 4-5 years service (plenty of time to get some tours under my belt first ;))
  8. You DON'T want to spend 3 years in a Uni getting paid more than the rest of your class to be there?

    Drinking cheap plonk, HELPING WITH THE OTC AND DTUS (IE WELBECK), and generally having a 3 year jolly, whilst still picking up your pay increments, service and pension payments?

    With a bunch of 18yo students who will be what? 3-5 years younger than you?

    "FYI" the majority of ISODs I have met were Lts, I can only count on 2 occaision have I have met/heard of who were Capts. IIRC chances are though you will pick up your 3rd pip during your after you complete your degree. But you should be looking at becoming an ISDO after your first (2 year) tour.

    If you are at RMAS now, you will notice on Commissioning those already gradded up will receive pay 3 levels ahead of you. This is sort of to balance it out whilst you study on a ISDO.

    There would be all manner of things for you to do whilst in Uni, Adv Trg and Sport would still be open to you. And courses where poss. And as mentioned the DTUS and OTC would take you in as well.

    You could also maybe fit some other Uni/education type courses in, that will benefit you in Service. (OU do 10 point courses that last about 10 weeks for next to no study).