In-service Degree and office question

Discussion in 'Officers' started by phonetrader1221, Apr 24, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    I have two questions which I need some answers to.

    I want to go to Welbeck College but instead of going to University will I be able to do an in-service degree?

    Also, this may sound like a stupid question but what do officers actually do? I know they lead soldiers but do they just sit in an office or are they outside?

    Thanks in advance
  2. No. And your choice of universities is limited.

    Yes, that is a completely bone question. "It varies" - depending on your corps or regiment, your role and your location. There is paperwork involved. Although you may get a tent or the back of a Landrover, rather than a nice warm, comfy office.
  3. I only know a few Welbecksians that didn't go (or more precisely finish) university - they basically bombed their original uni course, still went to RMAS and were given the shot at in-service degree later.

    BUT, that was then and this is now - in-service degrees are hens teeth. If you were at Welbeck, you would be pushed towards the technical corps and regiments anyway, so you'd do a degree off the back of it.

    Out of interest, why don't you want to do it (your degree) after Welbeck anyway?

    Lastly, the "what does an officer do" - it's been done to death on here and you should search ARRSE for those threads, but broadly, you do what your blokes do, plus a bit more (or less, depending on areas). There is "office" work to be done, as you manage their careers, do the behind the scenes stuff, write reports etc, but obviously you have a role to play when in the field, either on exercise or on operations. That role will depend on your capbadge aspirations, but not least you are a leader and that (to begin with at least) is not just facilitated by being a desk wallah, so fear not!