Discussion in 'REME' started by s14matt, Aug 13, 2011.

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  1. right i dont know what to do on here, iv just posted up as im trying to track somone.

    im looking to track down "KENNEDY W1036935" as i have somthing that belongs to this person...(seems like a personal engraved gift) now if any one could help me track them down would be a great help!

    if some one knows of this person who can them to contact me through this site,

    again sorry to just jump in your thread like this because im not a soldier etc and dont know how to use this site or how to track this person down thanks in advance for all your help matt

    *edit the reason i have come to this site is that i search for the name and number and the only thing it brought up is this site under title mechanic A
  2. You were given the details you need on another thread. You have to go through the correct channels.

    Best of luck.
  3. yeah mabey so but some one else has decided to actually help me...... so im just trying this out aswell!
  4. Mate, no one is going to give that sort of info out because of security issues. She'll just have to do without that gold plated engraved 8' "Lady Finger" your bought her for Christmas last year. Good luck!
  5. I helped you too - I looked up the correct website for you. You won't get any more effective help than that from a non-official website like this one.
  6. sorry you do have a point, but im not spending to much time tracking this person,

    so just trying on here, thanks for your help

    and bikermouse.... ur a prick mate! saying that there seems to be a few on here and iv only signed up this morning to try help someone else.........
  7. Aw, c'mon. The OP was directed to this forum in a post on the other thread, so give him a bit of slack. As to the giving of information, if somebody knows the person in question they could tell her that there's somebody who claims to have an item that she lost in Afghanistan and leave any further contact up to her.

    We've had threads in the past that have resulted in lost items being reunited with their owners.
  8. Does the word ARRSE say serious to you?

    How does one know you're not a loony? Why didn't your mate hand it in to his unit? It would've gone back to her dead easy?

    It's not straight forward son!
  9. Matt - grow a set before serving members go "Balls Deep" on you!
  10. samm1551

    samm1551 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Not being a complete mong here (well there is always the possibility) but why can't he send it via GPC Glasgow? Surely they can trace her
  11. Dicks there too huh?
  12. ******* wound up posting me to a submarine last year.
  13. Hi Matt. I think I may know her. I gave just messaged her to double check if W1036935 is her army number. Do you want to PM with what it is so I can tell her and put you two in contact?
  14. Matt you have PM.
  15. Just spoke with "Kennedy". It is her, but someone she knows has already got in contact with her now.