In search of the ultimate eating utensil!

So Ive managed to lose most of the household cultary in various fields, mountains, and messes, and were now down to a single knife. The misses is not pleased. So its about time I got myself a new device for scoffing. Prehaps a spork and a knife set? Or should I just carry on using my hands?

Surgestions, comments, insults?
Renski said:
oooh, shiny.
oooooo Lots of shiney must ahves :wink: :wink:

Jst make a sandwich out pf any meal!!!!! If it dont taste good between 2 slices of bread it aint worth eating
Wooden spoon mate.
I still have my last set of KFS. Used to loose them after every exercise, until I drilled a 3/16" hole at the top of each handle,and kept them together,after use , with a key ring.
Your pussers "Racing Spoon".. :wink:

Or for added effect, Drill hole in top and attach Para Cord then fix to Smock
pocket...You'll look the Bollocks.. :wink:

Or Spoon Combat for the use of....Again as above, But wrap "Harry Maskers"
around the handle...All the junior guys will envy you and your spoon..)


Long handled teaspoon (I used to nick em from British Airways, B4 9/11), stored in top breast smock pocket. Long enough to get in the corners of a boil in the bag, and the handle was easily used to spread marge/jam etc. All round handy bit of kit.

If you want good KFS, get the Bundeswehr type that clip together in a single unit (Scout Shops do a good copy).

[align=center]Picture (worth 1000 words) L-R: Scout Shop KFS (clipped together), Bundeswehr KFS separated, BA Racing spoon:

Happy Daze
:D :D :D :D [/align]

"light my fire" spork. Knife/fork one end, spoon on the other. Takes a bit of getting used to, but does the trick.
Failing that, a big silver dessert spoon that lives in your breast pocket, along with your Tabasco. :wink:
Combat Killer Spoon, the way to go!

Take one metal spoon, cover in harry black, and suspend around your neck on paracorp. After use, lick clean and tuck under shirt next to bear chest. The pateena after several years use and not cleaning it is wonderful!! Plus slighty ally!
Tasmanian telescopic chopsticks

A set of three - two extend from 3" - 12" - the 3rd is larger and thicker and extends from 12" - 40". That's to beat the wolves off with.
One spoon, metal, liberated from cookhouse by csm, to be licked clean by use of tongue. (racing spoon).

Always kept mine with the handle down one of those pen holder bits on the zipped c95 jacket pockets. Brilliant storage, get slightly bent mind but the "quality" metal used in the spoon would merely bend.

Only had mine 3 years so far (original was lent to a jack-barsteward), never washed and is the only cutlery to accompany my trekking trips!
I love my KFS - the spoon and fork clip on to a lock knife, with a tin opener and corkscrew too, in its own little case. I've no idea where I'd get another one, I only got it cos my ex dragged me into a gun shop / surplus store, told them I'd joined the army and asked if they had anything useful. After a bit of rumaging the fella brought it out, the other half payed for it (i wasn't convinced), and it has served me well since then :eek:)
Sorry lads, the real racing spoon, as used by gannets of old, was of the best possible metal and had one side sharpened - just in case you got some 'fresh' by mistake, with joined-up meat - it was advisable if right-handed to sharpen the right edge, wrong-way-rounders the other side, or damage to the face might be caused when scoffing.

On the other hand, I have a mate who when we were in was never, EVER, caught short. He had sets of clip-on KFS everywhere from his map pocket, his briefcase, his maggot - any piece of kit he had with him, just in case a meal was declared somewhere. These days we occasionally go out for meals together with Frauen, and I always make him give a range declaration before entering, and again before leaving, the establishment - "I have no K, F or S in my possession, Sir". A true gannet of the old school.
Best racing spoon I ever came across (oh, behave!) is an Ovaltine spoon which I got free with tokens back in the early '80s. Mega long handle, ideal for those bottom corners of BITB, large slightly pointed head and made of quality metal guaranteed to bend not break.

Slightly tailored to include one edge sharpened with a steel for sponge pudding or the skin on all-in stew; and a hole in the handle for paracord.

It lived in my smock pocket for, ooooh, must be 9 years or so and only got washed once. Hell, stirring boiling brews sterilises well enough.

I had a brown MRE spoon for a while, pretty good, too, but softened and bent if left in a brew for more than a short while.

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