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In response to request the gun range history ...


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I have been asked to try to simplify the history and to describe the issues of the 6th Thanet Gun Range as interested membership find it difficult to follow the gist. The usual troll comments are expected.

(1) The 6th Thanet Range was in a former chalk quarry at Birchington on land owned by Corpus Christi College Cambridge and leased to Farmer Peter Smith. The change of use planning consent for .22 target rifle range use was 1971.

(2) Probably of no relevance Corpus Christi had a history of helping out Earl Selborne and SOE with training areas during WW2.

(3) Complaints to Kent Police about gun use in Thanet go back some decades. The first of which I am aware was the 1960s. A firearms certificate holder fired at an indoor range in Ramsgate. He was invited to fire at the weekend at a chalk quarry (that had no range use consent). He and his wife witnessed the weekend firing and reported the use of Russian assault rifles, burst firing and so on. The report was made to a woman police sergeant but appears to have resulted in nil action.

(4) In 1971 Thanet Council gave planning consent for the Birchington chalk quarry to be used as a .22 rifle range. .22 was also the consent given by Corpus Christi and their leasehold farmer.

(5) For the first ten years the range appears to have been well run by Major Ron Bland. But pistol range and use appears to have been adopted without planning consent and against the consents of Corpus Christi and their farmer.

(6) Member(s) of the range have said that in 1981 "A renegade pistol section began to emerge"

(7) At various times between 81 and 94 the range lost its licence twice for irresponsible operation. But each time, the range supported by Kent Police HQ, the licence was re-issued.

(8) At a time the licence was revoked in the early 90s land was bought by Bill True and he gained planning and built a 3 storey mansion. His land extended to the top edge of the quarry above the target end 24 feet below.

(9) But the range gots its licence back. Initially Bill asked the range if they would like to build a backstop up on his land to protect his paddock and house from their overshots. But he was told "F-ck off".

(10) Bill contacted Corpus Christi who sent land agents to agree the survey with Bill. And they agreed that the range extended twelve feet into Bill's land.

(11) Police told Bill the target end had suffered chalk erosion over the years and not to be vindictive in wanting the range closed. But Bill had the 1992 OS survey aerial photos etc.
And the agreement of surveyors acting for Corpus Christi. The range target back stop quarry edge had been cut twelve feet beyond their boundary between 92 and 95. So much for chalk erosion. The work had been carried out not only unlawfully but dangerously by leaving the target end undercut.

(12) At the quarry edge 24 feet up there were prolific amounts of empty cases mostly 9 mm. IE Evidence of prolific firing NOT from the firing points but from 24 feet up above the targets. And this firing must have occurred between 92 and 95.

(13) Bill took legal advice from Robinson and Allfree solicitors who contacted Kent Police. The solicitor advice was that in law Bill must do whatver he deemed fit to make the target end quarry edge safe. Corpus Christi agreed and gave Bill way leave to use his JCB on their part of the quarry base range. That way-leaved safety work would occur April 15 1995 was notified to the Gun Club.

(14) On the day April 95 Bill was using his JCB to grade back the top of the quarry edge when he came under fire from the range. The off duty police armed support officer who still boasts of how "he bounced bullets off the JCB bucket". Bill carried on and took photos of those firing up to the quarry top to intimidate him. Then he called duty police. The duty police gave Bill ten minutes ceasefire to get his JCB away from the target end. And once again police told him he was vindictive in wanting the range closed. Bill persisted and graded back six feet off the quarry edge. Then called in the Range man Brig Hague who agreed that the height of the backstop was too short (Thanks to Bill's persistent JCB work) and this enabled Brig Hague to close the range for good.

(15) Bill's friend the late John Allen took up cudgels against police re the activity involving police at the range and the venomous persecution of the True family by police after Bill had successfully closed the range down. To some extent John had his hands tied because the rural beat officer responsible for the Birchington area was the son in law of a friend of Bill True. So complaint sort of tried to keep the rural beat officer out of it and concentrate fire on senior ranks (pun intended) The rural Pc was the late Pc Andy ELEY <a Andy Eley killed by a train about 200 yards from the closed gun range 2008

(16) In the late 90s John Allen and Bill True asked to meet complainants against police about the 1989 Deal barracks bombing.

(17) It was noticed that Home Office replies to the two separate groups of complainants (Deal bombing and paramilitary firing at 6th Thanet range) had the same Home Office reference number. And that the Home Office was conceding the case to the 6th Thanet complainants that legislation would be enacted to end Chief constable abuse of the power to veto complaint. whereas the Deal bombing complainants were being told that the Kent Police Authority call for inquiry and report re the Deal Bombing could not be compelled by Home Sec because "The Deal bombing does not concern the policing of Kent". In time the Home Office would write to Ann Widdecombe MP saying that it did concern the policing of Kent but Kent Police had advised them they did not want the matter investigated !! 3 different positions all from the same Home Office case file.

(18) If anyone conflated issues in Kent that was the Home Office. Because of that the complaints were thereafter pursued in one effort. And in time connections between 6th Thanet and the Deal bombing case began to emerge. It being reasonable to infer that the Home Office already knew of connections hence handling (Fobbing off and protecting Chief constable from the demands of his own police authority) the then disparate Thanet complaints in one case file.

(19) The Thanet Council Planning Enforcement officer who heard machine guns at the range was given severance and left the employ of the council.

(20) The Army Colour sgt who saw middle easterners and live fire training at the range was threatened to keep quiet by a member of Kent Police Authority. Some years later the ex Colour sgt tried to make a crime complaint about the range and the conduct of the member of police authority. Allegedly the ex Colour's wife was swiftly arrested on suspicion of trying to snatch a baby. And it appears the trumped up arrest was quietly dropped and the ex Colour bottled out of giving evidence.

(21) In about 2010 Justin True, bringing an abuse of process action against Kent Police, detailed to the Court how he had been issued 80 HORT1 producers per year for the 15 years since his father had closed the 6th Thanet Range. On a number of occasions in that 15 years Crown Court judges had directed juries and thrown out cases brought against Justin True. Judges had bollocked Thanet CID officers in open court warning them about conspiring with criminals to bring malicious charges against members of the True family. The press failed to report this.

(22) One further attempt to bring Justin True to court seems to have ended when no police witnesses turned up.

(23) The member of 6th Thanet who saw Uzis in use by middle easterners and the involvement of off duty Kent Plod. Police refused to take his statement of evidence.

(24) Land survey evidence, witness evidence, photo evidence, range record evidence, planning history evidence. That is not someting all in one person's head as some arrse knobs seem prone to claim.

(25) Outside bodies re 6th Thanet and Deal Barracks bombing issues
(a) Sir Ronnie Flanagan 1999 expedited Home Office to state their position whether the Home Sec would compel the inquiry and report called for by Kent Police Authority. At the time Home Office refused to compel the report Kent Chief constable left the Rosemary NELSON murder inquiry in Ulster.
(b) Gen De Chasterlain Arms Decommissioner 2003. Whether his terms of reference empowered him to investigate in Kent. Position (presumably of NI Secretary) was that the GFA did not offer authority to investigate HM Security personnel. Implying that the military training firing activity at the range was all subject to Crown authority? At about this time in 2003 Kent Chief constable quit without notice for an alleged sinecure job in police training.
(26) During the Shortt debate the Minister of Defence conceded that Shortt never had Crown authority. Information via Arrse (which was copied to Thanet HM Coroner) alleged that Shortt used a Thanet Range thought to be 6th Thanet. If proper police inquiry confirmed that to be the case then proof would exist that at least some activity at the range was seven year imprisonable offences and that the reason the Arms Decommissioners appear to have been given, to deny authority to investigate the range and Kent Plod, was false.

(27) The arrests of 21 Kent TA men in 1987 was empowered by their not having Crown authority (for training or for armed missions into Ulster and Eire) One of the arrested men was also an adult leader of pseudo military cadet group Kent Adventure Training Corps. Which lost its KCC Youth affiliation status in 2003. But whose former leadership dine at the Russian Summer Ball ........... and one of their leaders with a false REME Record of Service gained work as a Reliance Guard at Deal Barracks 1989. The bombing year. Surely not a guard obtaining employ by deception and him being an associate of a former keyholder of the barracks ??? It was the employment of this guard that triggered complaints to police about barracks security in the year leading up to the bombing, Including by a miner who gave police a statement that KATC adult leaders had approached him trying to get mining dets and explosives. Did they have Crown authority to obtain explosives Kent Police ?
Almost forgot, could you also dilate your anus with the business end of a combine harvester? Thanks.


I would be rapturous if point 16 could be expanded upon hugely. And perhaps, if 5A request is a little extreme, you could put your feet into a wood chipper?
Thanks, I was just dropping off after a 14 hour day, until I read that.

I bet youre a hit wiv the Chix.

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