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The grenade test was eeeeeeeeeasy, just make notes and refresh the night before and the next morning before the test and you will be fine. They will make it quite obvious which points they want you to remember. I managed to get 100% on my test as there are not many questions. When we all went to our dorms at night the girls starting using thier notes to make up stories about a guy but using details of the grenades to describe him.... i.e his name was the L109A1 HE Fragmentation Grenade who was 'Highly explosive' or something to that effect, overall it seemed to help and was reasonably funny when 30 girls are adding thier own parts to the story!
Check out this webpage.. You will only use 2 examples of grenades in the test they are the L109A1 & L110A1 Drill grenade, they are half way down the page.
hope this helps!
Oh sorry I forgot... I joined the Signals Reg as an Elec warfare sys Op
....haha Shenda...I remember that bird with her story...she was actually quite funny...until she p*ssed me off saying that she was setting her alarm half hour early (0430) to put on her fookin' make-up before the PFT! WTF??....that's when I lost it! ;-)
Did she really do that!!! 4.30 I think we all got up that morning? Standing in the damn corridor for ages because only half the group decided to help with folding all the bedding!
yeh...nearly all of u got up at 0430..why?? we had loads of time to get ready and the Cpl told us not to get up until he switched on lights at 0500hrs??

I swear to god if anyone gets up before revellie in basic I will jump 'em....unless they r mongs and need extra time...but if it's for cosmetic reasons..god help them!!

Get sleep where you can..every single last minute of it!! ...they will learn!
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