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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by paninaro, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. How long do you have to serve in rank (substansive) to gain the full pension (22years), one or two years?
  2. Two years.
  3. bugger, had been told that it had changed recently to a year, do you get a % for the year in rank or does it just go back to the last rank held?
  4. No. On the residual service changed with regard to promotion allowing you to get promoted providing you had at least 12 months to serve as opposed to the previous 24 months.

    I believe it is normal for people to be offered an extra year to allow them to be pensionable in the rank they retire in.

    There is no percentage for the year in rank held. (it would be nigh on impossible to work out).

    Your pension is based on the last rank you spent two years substansive. (which could be interesting for a couple of ATs WOs who have signed off with Cpl being the last time they spent two years in rank.)
  5. thanks, explains it well enough, i had the extra time signed and sealed but iam binning it as ive been offered something elsewhere that will in the long run be worth the pension loss, bummer though :D
  6. This is a question running through my mind the last few hours. I got a letter today informing me what my pension will be when I get it in the next couple of weeks. It was my intention to phone Glasgow on Monday and ask them how my pension is worked out as I left the army a rank below that of the previous two years :).

  7. Assuming we are talking about the old pension scheme (as the new one is dependent on earnings, not rank) the pension is based on the highest paid rank (acting or substantive) for two out of the last five years service.

    If a rank has not been held for two complete years then there is an uplift as long as the higher rank is held for at least 1 calendar year. For example - if you spend exactly one year as a Sgt prior to discharge you will receive a Cpl pension plus half the difference between Cpl and Sgt pensions. If you spend 18 months in the higher rank you would get a Cpl pension plus 3/4 of the difference etc etc. Obviously once yo reach the point where you have two complete years in the higher paid rank then you are entitled to the pension for that rank.

    Points to note:

    1. Substitution pay does not count - only acting or sub rank.
    2. For officers any acting rank must be held for three years, not two.
  8. You actually get an uplift for each day you serve in the rank, up to a mximum of 729 days. (730 days would be 2 years)

    To be honest it doesn't make a huge amount of difference if I recall correctly (on AFPS 75 that is) as the sub rank is just a marker so to speak.

    At least that ws my understanding when I did the NEBS part of the Sys Co-ord course a few years ago.
  9. :D if thats correct then even happier, i should then pick up 17 months worth of my current rank then, every wee bit helps :D

    many thanks for the replies