In pursuit of civilisation

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by adastra, May 13, 2005.

  1. Beyond redemption

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  2. A sad individual with no life outside his desktop and the bar

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  3. Claims to have a wife, she ir probably the original Arrse widow, she needs to get a grip of him with

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  4. Is perfectly sound, Mrs Bin Loony needs to take a leaf from Mrs CR's book ( if she is not reall

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  5. Drrrring: fcuk off crab

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  1. It seems that Costa Coffee have recently opened a franchise within a certain defence establishment.

    Despite lacking the rich tradition of its "senior" intelligence counterpart < for alas the Royal Navy has no need for such trifles> the Royal Air Force Intelligence Branch has proved that it continues to bring a requisite amount of style, to what would otherwise have remained quite a sordid little establishment.

    If they had left the Army to their own devices you would still be drinking tea out of these:

    edited many, many, months after original thread resurected by turgid, Bin Loony, in no-life-outside-microsoft-desktop (C)2006, stalking episode
  2. I presume a Starbucks will be appearing soon, then another, and another.....
  3. I noticed that they had the wherewithall to employ a good looking lass. Should distract from the fact you can get coffee for a third of the price from the NAAFI or the HIVE.
  4. not seen, but £1.90 for a Latte is taking the p!ss !!!
  5. Why are you even thinking about it? You should stay on coffee / tea NATO till you're in Civvy Street! I don't know - ideas above your station... :roll: :lol:
  6. Is it also true that the Gilbertine Centre is going to be re-roled as a Burger King Drive-Thru?

  7. Got nothing better to do in Crab land then. Have you finished compromising names of your colleagues on the net now? Get a life.
  8. what that place is open no feck they were building that when i was still there
  9. Another monging Ad Asstra thread!!! Fucking crabint...
  10. Very fucking funny cunto! I do suppose that you were weeping over your keyboard as you typed this, probably due to the obscene images of little boys up on your desktop.

    Fuck nuts.