In praise of the youngsters

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by captainchaos, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. I am an ex-SNCO, now Offr and am in the last stages of a tough op tour. There is much slagging of the new breed of CMT from the old and bold on here. I would like to re-dress the balance. Our young men and women have proved themselves repeatedly under fire in the deserts of Iraq and the green zones of Helmand. It is not their fault that the way training is conducted has changed significantly in the last 10 or so years. Remember the play station generation has given us a young soldier with a MC and several RAMC JNCOs have now made the ultimate sacrifice. I salute them and would like to encourage others to do the same - give them a break, they deserve it - they have stepped up to the mark and proved themselves. It has been a privelege to lead them.

    Dedicated to the memory of

    Cpl Kris O'Neill (KIA Iraq)
    Pte Dlugosz (KIA Iraq)
    LCpl Den Brady (KIA Iraq)
    LCpl Jason Lawrence (Killed on Ops Bosnia)
  2. I agree with the sentiments echoed however 14 years ago there was no world wide outbreak for those youngsters to demonstrate their fibre.
  3. Here Here Chaos

    The few are outnumbered by the many though!

    God bless them all
  4. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Um, there there?
  5. Here, here. I'm sure a lot of us old and bold look on in admiration at what the youngsters of today are doing.
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Hat has to be doffed to said soldiers who are carrying the 'Corps Flame' into the future.

    They are a credit to the Corps.
  7. yup, I'll take my hat off to them too, I have long parted from the Corps but still wish them all well. CMT's..Gawd bless 'em.

  8. Even the ginger ones, they know who they are
  9. id like to thank your last comment about the new CMT's coming out of the play station generation. after spending 8 grand years as a cmt myself then crossing over to the dark side i know exactly what you mean one of the reasons i transferred was for the reason we no longer get the support as a medic in the field like your fellow rememberence names (ie my very good old friend kris) these boys and girls are really showing there worth and wait in gold. i come from a R.A.M.C back ground with my father spending 23yrs in the corp ive seen the old and bold, my generation and the play station generation. keep up the good work i sulute you all. keep low move fast..........................we will remember them....................
  10. If I may add to CaptainChaos's thread I'm one of the RMA's with 4 Rifles. We had members of 16 Sqn, 3 CS with us and the young ladies and gentlemen were fan-bloody-tastic and a credit to your corps. For 4 months they endured all the locals had to throw at us whilst in the Palace and they faced it with true resolve and determination. No job, whether being on patrols, strike ops even doing QRF or helping us in the Regimental Aid Post with the BLM for the Palace, was too much for them. They earned our repect quickly for their proffesionalism at all times.

  11. Our soldiers in the AMS (won't degrade them by calling them boys and girls) are top notch and prove themselves time and time again where it matters, our new breed of soldier, I believe is a far cry from us old duffers who sat on 'Active Edge' for years.

    Salt of the earth.
  12. well said everyone,the younger generation are well brave and are proving themselves from all arms to be a credit to all concerned in the killing fields of our present conflicts.just a great pity that some peolpe fail to see just how brave they are,and that includes some old timers who cant stand the fact that they are performing heroic acts on daily basis of which some wouldnt be able to follow.RESPECT TO ALL THOSE PUTTING THERE LIVES IN DANGER IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM...LEST WE FORGET..
  13. not sure I agree with that comment.

    Lets not get bogged down just praising the youngsters, there are the old and bold out there doing exactly the same, remember that for many of the 'old timers' these tours are the first time theyve been shot at and mortared as well, all of our troops are doing bloody good jobs out there, and back here too, war these days has no front line.

    Got to wonder what effect its going to have on all who have served in a few years time though, mentally and physically.

    Combat Stress
  14. Here here,

    There are still a few of us 'Old Timers', who are still getting their feet sandy.....