Discussion in 'RAC' started by Flyingrockdj, Feb 28, 2002.

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  1. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    YOE'S, aren't they great, espesh since they now fill in units for ops', bloody top blokes one and all,
  2. But who looks after the Queens keys when they are on Ops?
  3. do they bring the ravens with them or are they fed on an agency basis?
  4. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    OH ye ill informed STABS! THE ROYAL YEAMOMANRY ;D
  5. The Royal Yeomanry is that the lot who got the North Irish Horse back?
    An amrmoured recce sqn that only has sparatan?
    probably cause uncle Gerry says they can't have tanks in Belfast.
  6. Do any Yomanry have tanks any more? I know the Shropshire Yomanry are a TA Signals Sqn now, and have been for a while.
  7. There are infact 2 Shropshire Yeomanry Squadron's - one being B Sqn of the Mercian Yeomanry,RAC and the other being part of some signal regiment  -  apparently
  8. The Yeomanry don't have their own tanks however there is a cunning plan in place that is training the Yeomanry in turret skills on CR2. It won't be too far away when the Yeomanry will be cabbying around in Reg MBTs just for the weekend. Whole fleet management here we come!
  9. Get a hold of the RAC Newsletter Spring 2002. Pages 10, 11 and 12 cover the Yo-Yo's very well. Reference turret training, it quotes "Precision Gunnery Training Equipment (PGTE) at Donnigton will be in use in the Autumn of this year".
  10. Read that one. What isn't clear about the PGTE (especially at Donnington) is whether they will be covered at the weekends by the contractors responsible for maintenance. We have our own PGTE operators but that's not much use if the kit goes down.

    All the same having a PGTE available for continuation training without having to trog down to Lulworth/Bovvy or up to Catterick will help a great deal.
  11. It has to be one intelligent round that only takes out a gunner and loader. When will the yeomanry command and drive the thing? Or perhaps we can go to war on an overgrown nintendo in Telford and no one need die. Why!!! ::)  Waste of time
  12. Harry I do take your point. What is a greater waste of time is getting a whole Yeomanry Regt training and practising Armd BG tactics and drills using Land Rovers (or ATVs in modern terms). Having served in a Reg Armd Regt and done pre-BATUS training I believe that this is a step too far for the TA.

    Also it may be all well and good training up loaders and gunners (discussion to continue on this) but what about the rest of the Yeomanry? Apparently all SNCOs and Officers would, if the need arose, become watchkeepers in BG/Bde HQs. I understand the need to fill up the short fall in crewmen in  Reg Armd Regts but this isn't the way to do it. Very few of the qualified soldiers in my Regt are able, or indeed inclined, to take time off for FTRS. What's more, if we went to a general war situation I'm sure that soldiers, both reservists and TA could be put through intensive crew training.
  13. Are they going to train up some drivers as well?
  14. Gunners and Loaders are step one.  Give it a chance!!  Two years ago noboby believed even that would work.  Certainly nobody expected to be spending two weeks in Germany with an Armoured Regiment carrying out firing on the move on CR2 amongst other things.

    In five years we will have the first NCOs coming through from recruit who may have the experience and training to make part time commanders (hopefully young officers also, given that many will have done FTRS including a full Troop Leaders Course).  

    The original reason only Gunners and Loaders were trained in the Yeomanry was that the RAC decreed that all Regular recruits be trained as drivers. This has since changed and there may be a chance in the future that TA could also train as drivers ( I know of regulars who spend months or years away from the tank park but can still drive or gun on their return to a sabre sqn)  Skill loss is always going to be a problem but as with PGTE there is a Yeomanry Sqn in Dorset that already trains drivers and could run continuation training.

    As I originally said give these things some time.