In praise of Sir Roger Moore.

FFS alright darling.

About 20y ago I was drying my hair with a hairdryer (gay, I know) and he was playing that song in that background. It is fortuitous as in my head I was considering FILTTH: failed in London try HK - and I remember the connection as I combed.
What song?

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
Just while we're obsessing over 007s, here's the bloke that Fleming always referenced when conjuring up a mental image of his hero - Septic singer/songwriter Hoagy Carmichael:
a very clever man
a very clever man
"Marry me, marry me way down in Laramie..." He regularly popped up in that tv series as the barroom piano player, though that line from a song has no connection with the series..........I think.
He was Cricket the piano player in that French dive in the movie "To Have and to Have Not."
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