In praise of Putin, he gives the best press conferences.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. Just watched him holding a press conference in Germany, as usual to the point and very well briefed, showing a mastery of detail sadly lacking in other National Leaders. The whole thing was given a certain something that I rather liked, in that you knew, he knew and the journo's knew he could kill the whole room of them with his own bare hands with no assistance what so ever.
  2. :D It keeps them on their toes and probably prevents some of the more bone questions from being asked! :D

    I have to say I've been wryly amused at all the hoo-ha over Putin not really being the nice man we thought he was over this past week. Are the pollies and journos really as stoopid as they're acting?!
  3. Political deathmatch? Prescot vs Putin?
  4. So long as Prescott's banned from breathing on him or sitting on him, Putin has my vote!
  5. While we're heaping laurels, I'd love to see a UK premier confiscating the assets of some of our business 'leaders' when they interfere in politics. We have a few oligarchs here need their combs cutting.

    And Sir Digby Jones should be sent to our equivalent of Ljubjanka (Fife? - mines, harsh climate, Stalinist local authorities), the absolute arrse.