(in poor taste) Free renewable energy for life!!!

Ok, what with left wing do-gooders, the PC brigade and immigration in the toilet, not to mention films like "day after tomorrow" showing us how much damage we are doing to the environment i reccon i have the solution to the world energy problem....

Exhume all the war graves from all over the world, open the coffins and put magnets in the battle dress pockets. replace the dead, replace the lid and wrap the coffins in copper wire connected to the national grid.

let stuff like the recent cutbacks and emalgamations keep going on, let immigration go to poo and let the PC brigade cancel xmas in birmingham and with our "boys" turning in their graves - bingo! free sustainable power.

no harmful gasses, no damage to the environment and no less of a moral standard than the level of taxation on petrol.

Or am i just a sick basterd?


PS i am joking, i have the upmost respect for our war dead.
Hell just 1-2 graves on Normandy and you would be able to power the world, as fast as those guys are spin in light of the recent French shanagins 8O
Its as funny as it is serious.
If you get my meaning. :?
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