IN PICTURES: RAF recruits demonstrate their skills

Ministry of Defence said:
The RAF's newest recruits have been putting their skills to the test during Exercise Blue Warrior whilst being observed by the Royal Australian Air Force.

Photo no 4 everybody, quick!

Some geek post it here please?


Book Reviewer
Is the bloke in No9 doing his nails.

Which, to be honest, is rich coming from a clerk.
I thought number 8 a bit surreal, never did that in my day.

and his mascara's running.
20 years as a crab and that's the worst attempt at moulding a beret I've ever seen, and to think Halton is the place where everything is supposed to be by the book!
Nice one, Centurion! :thumright:



In pic 12 why is the guy practicing fire and movement in the sitting position? Maybe he got tired crawling and runnign so thought he'd have a rest

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