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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dkny, Aug 11, 2007.

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  1. Guys and girls of HMF. There is not a day that goes by that myself and my family dont take time to reflect on the difficult circumstances that u often find urselves in.

    you are all, as they say, 'continually in our thoughts'
  2. Thank you for your thoughts...

    Both My wife and myself are ex Army and we too think daily about how the public constantly under estimate the tenacity of the forces.

    The British servicemen and women...something to be proud of !!!

  3. Thank you for that simple yet eloquent sentiment, its gratefully received from this normally very cynical airman!

  4. I got bought a coffee while back when stood at the train station with my bergan on my back, I said;

    "whats that for, there's no need, I'm not on leave I'm TA"

    He said "well TA guys are out there getting shot at too, I for one am grateful"

    After I'd got over the suspicion he might be expecting me to suck his c0ck, I felt 10 ft tall , until an hour later or so later and the PSI called me a useless stab :D
  5. You guys and girls all do a wonderful job, being an 12 year man in the 70's and 80's , I thought i knew how tough it could be, Northern Ireland and the riots we saw must be a walk in the park compared to Iraq.

  6. Been chatting to a mate of mine who's currently home on leave from Herrick. My experiences in N.I. rank as next to bugger all compared to some of what he has recounted to me, both from there and Iraq. It's fairly difficult to convey how proud I am of both him and all you blokes and ladies doing the job without me sounding like some sort of oul homo. Know that despite what often may seem the case, some of us at home do give a shite. My own and my family's thoughts are with you all.
  7. I am continually in awe of what our lads and lasses are doing right now. :worship:

    dkny sums up my sentiments perfectly.
  8. If as many of us as possible can 'think and thank' our Servicemen and Servicewomen, it might be possible, that by a process of thought transference, to influence the way our bone-headed and arrogant government behaves.
  9. Surely you mean 10 inches tall...

    Well someone has to drag the thread down... Oops sorry... thought we were in the bar.

    With you F_B... I'm now stuck on the sideline bench with the wheezy kids and the half-time oranges... but have to read and the reading is not good.