In or Out?

In or out?

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Shirts and T-shirts, in or out? Does it depend on what you are wearing with them or is it just sad to walk around with your t-shirt tucked into your pants? Interested to hear what the ladies think.
depends on how long/short your legs are, i personally never wear a t shirt tucked in as i have a 1 foot torso and 4 foot legs - Vice versa for short little cnuts :)
Depends on what else you're wearing, but my personal rule of thumb is T-shirts and shirts out if casual, shirt tucked in for smart/smart casual.
If you're a young, slim, hunky good looking geezer then it's shirt in to show off that trim waist line.

If you're a middle aged, fat cnut with goatee beard, diamond ear ring, England or Liverpool footie top and gold chain then it's out.

Hope that helps.....

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