In need of sponsor to join the British army!!any help??


My name is Rudi I'm a 21 year old very fit and enthusiastic South African male. I've been wanting to join the british army for quite some time now, only problem is that i've been struggling to get a sponser in the UK. My friend is in the army , but he cant help me as he is a single male and can't offer me accomodation(even though i dont necessarily need accomodation).

I have the finances to travel there and pay my own daily expenses (my father being the sponser of that) Even my own accomodation if needed.

I would appreciate any advice or help!!:-D


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I take it the idea is sponsorship for the work visa - I assume rsa is back in the commonwealth now so he can just apply directly.

or he can marry dale and earn his medals like a good egg should, she'd love it back on the patch bulling his boots and frying his pizzas for tea.

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