In need of some Logistic Specialists

Discussion in 'RLC' started by andypaddock, Nov 7, 2010.

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  1. Looking for a few Logistic Specialists to help with something I'm working on in ArmyNET.

    It's career path based so would prefer those at the start of a career.

    PM if you can help.
  2. Must all be counting stuff ;)
  3. RLC thread ,Logistic Specialist’ :shock:

    I fear you’re asking in the wrong place ^_~
  4. Is it anything to do with the Trade Book?
  5. Yes it is, would like a few people to provide a sanity check before its released.
  6. Andy,

    Would it not make sense to get Trg Pol at DRLC to direct a Unit to provide the sanity check on their work.

  7. Thats happening as well I'm just keen to get some feedback from other sources, I'm not convinced that soldiers who are directed to comment in an official capicity will be as critical as I'd like them to be.

    I don't have the same fear from asking ARRSE members
  8. Here Andy, a bit off topic from your question but seeing as you're on the "inside" at ArmyNet I thought I'd ask.

    A few months ago there was an advert on ArmyNet asking for people who were interested in blogs and social networking to give them a shout, along with an example of their own stuff. I duly filled in the on-line application and the link to my blog.

    So far Ive had nothing back.

    Are you aware of what I'm talking about and whats happening with the project/job etc?

    If not please disregard all Ive posted.

  9. BUMP


    I hope you get sufficient interest, no doubt someone will start a thread when the workbook is issued saying how crap it is.
  10. If you mean the Digital Pioneer advert I think they have selected the people. I'll ask for an update in the morning but I'm pretty sure the selection has been made.
  11. Cheers :-x
  12. As an ex-RAOC and RLC member, so is the Army.

    Perhaps not the answer you were looking for.