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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Marc063, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. I've got my BARB test tomorrow, i was wondering how long after the test would it be until interviews and a medical? I just want to know the time gaps between each step and on average how long it usually takes overall from applying too starting basic training.

    Thanks :D
  2. How long is a piece of string pal??? The interviews will be ready to do with in the next few weeks after the BARB depending on how busy your local office is. You will have to send off a medical questionnaire from the doctors which may take a couple of weeks. Then it will be waiting until there is space available for you at an ADSC (selection centre where you have a few tests, a medical and fitness assessments)- This can take a few months. After passing the ADSC, you will be given a start date but no idea how long from ADSC to Basic as it varies! Some lads have been waiting months. I only passed ADSC 2weeks ago and i start on monday! Hope this helps
  3. 2 Weeks, and you start Monday!

    Best of luck!
  4. Cheers pal, Apparently a few strings may have been pulled because im re-enlisting but who cares, back in greens in 5days!!!
  5. Depends on How quickly you get tyour medical Docs back from your Doctor and also how quick ADSC are getting back to your ACIO with your pass/fail/defer? After that it how quick your reference gets back to your Recruiter.
    So its generally down to you, No real point bugging your Recruiter every day as He/She cant hurry any of this along!!
  6. i got my sgt major's interview next wednesday and hopefully then i should be going to selection soon. its took me about 5-6 months to get to where i am now due to a problem with my medical paperwork but its all good now :) so it depends. anyting could happen!
  7. my timeline

    applied end of jan

    barb test about 2-3 weeks after that

    then i was given an rg8 medical frm to hand to doctor. took two weeks to get the "all clear"

    went for my interview a week after that

    4 days after that i had my date for selection

    then 2 weeks after that passed selection

    start catterick in september

    your timescale may be quicker inbetween different things but as i work full time it was difficult to get the time off