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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by the_breakfast_club, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. How to iron mtp pcs.

    Sorry if it's in the wrong section and a very boring thread.
    I'm currently serving in the t.a and recently been issued new mtp pcs. Being xmas and nobody at barracks to ask, I thought I would try here .
    Can anybody please tell me if there are creases in the new uniform , if yes, are there any good guides anywhere ? please as I'm fed up of trying to find sensible answers on here when it's cluttered with sarcasm bullshit.


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  2. dont think they need creases, proberbly best you ask someone at your unit for advice, in case they have specific requirements fella.
  3. CanteenCowboy

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    No creases, you iron them flat, so you can (this is pure theory, I have not tried this myself) place PCS between two suitably sized pieces of MDF or plywood and drive a car over the top, instant 'pressed' kit. It's a bit of a bugger ensuring you DON'T iron a crease in the sleeves and turning it round to ensure you iron all the pocket flaps.

    I am sure Spike Milligan wrote about Bren Carriers being used to do this by someone in his RA unit in the 1st Army in Tunisia IIRC.
  4. 1) sleeves down
    2) jacket untucked
    3) ironed flat
    Army of course, RAF and the matelots have seemed to start wearing it between C95 and PCS style.
  5. LONDONS have been told to iron creases.
  6. Aren't they somehow connected with the guards though, or is that HAC I'm thinking about?
  7. That's what I have been told. Creases down the front of your trousers seem to be optional, and twisters are thankfully absent. It feels nice being a grown up in a real army that doesn't spend inordinate amounts of time rendering the camouflage of its uniform ineffective.
  8. I've always felt that deliberately NOT ironing creases is a massive pain in the arrse compared to just ironing them in.
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  9. Still haven't got rid of shiny bfo flashes and badges.
  10. I went to a briefing given by the defence clothing people just before PCS was issued. They categorically stated that it should not be ironed, as they had spent a lot of the government's money getting the IR reflectivity properties just right and by ironing it we would be ruining them.

    Since we finally have a combat uniform which seems to come close to being fit for purpose and which we have been instructed to wear as designed (out and down), why we persist in degrading it by ironing it I simply cannot understand. A combat uniform is not designed for the fashion cat-walk, it is designed for a military purpose. To my mind, there is just no point in ironing combats nowadays. Thoughts?
  11. Don't get me onto pointless formation flashes and (non-) tactical recognition flashes. Both also pointless, to my mind. We should wear a union flag (subdued), possibly a name/zap badge and rank in our combat jackets and nothing else.
  12. Personnel in Bastion still have to iron PCS....and it's ironed flat for ref to the OP.
  13. It's supposed to be ironed flat but try telling that to a guards sergeant major. Feckin crease nazis
  14. Dunno what all the fuss is about? We never put creases in either lightweights or dpm. Still managed to look like smart professional Soldiers!

    Of course, that doesn't answer the OP's question but ironing flat isn't a new thing!
  15. No bulled boots, no ironing creases into uniform? How are we going to waste peoples time in the future? It's PC gone mad I tell you.