In my day- Racism Etc

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CDT_Dodger, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. Split from the BNP thread, so the reminisences can continue here without interrupting the main thread.


    GwaiLo - my little ghost - are you a ginger?

    If you had bothered to join in this thread from the beginning or bothered to read all the other pages then you would have this information to hand. The regt is mentioned and we also have ex regt members posting to this discussion as well.

    Toddle off to another thread and offer them some late input.
  2. Bert_Preast

    Thanks. All I found there was

    No mention of which battalion though. Well I had left the Regular RGJ (2nd and 3rd battalion) a few years earlier, but I find EX_REME's claims very hard to believe. Without knowing which battalion I don't know who to ask, I'll know seniors from that battalion at that time whicever battalion is was. Is the battalion mentioned anywhere. I don't doubt that there are, and were, racists, but the notion that it is/was widespread and tolerated is ridiculous. Inclined to think that EX_REME has invented or exagerated this.
  3. Oops sorry, Bn was 2
  4. Its bollocks then, although I have no doubt that in any major unit you'll find a few who are racist the idea that you could be openly so or that is was widespread in 2 RGJ is quite simply bollocks.
  5. Dunno about that, sounds pretty much like 3 RGJ in the 80's at one point I Coy ( the entire I Coy ) put on white sheets a la KKK and burnt a cross on the parade square after a night on the lash....I know cos I was there
  6. Well 3 RGJ in the mid to late 1970's had black WO's and a large number of black guys serving. I know because I was there.

    Hard for me to comment on an incident you saw and I didn't. I believe that people do some stupid stuff when they have been on the lash...including jokes that are in poor taste.

    On the square? Are you saying that the guard commander knew and did nothing? The BOS knew and did nothing? The OO knew and did nothing?

    Now that I'd find hard to believe.
  7. The black CSM in question was HQ coy, and the OO, GC all knew and it atken in the spirit it was meant to be taken in...a good laugh by pissed up rifleman, thank fcuk I got out before all the PC bollocks came
  8. Look Pal - these things did happen in RGJ. Take off your feckin blinkers mate, I bet there is a lot of things you didnt notice in your day by the looks of it. Get off your feckin horse and get amongst the troops. What was you - a rupert?

    The bottom line is - during my day it was accepted in circle circles and NF types were in the recruitment office on a daily basis.

    You only have to look at the type of recruit nowadays - nice warm quilts during basic etc.... and they even left poofs join up ffs - wouldnt happen in my day.
  9. Different black CSM if you are thinking of when this event occured. When I was in the CSM of A Coy was an Asian.

    Anyway, what you are talking about was a non PC prank rather than a KKK gathering. Meant as a joke and taken as a joke, by blokes who were pissed. That isn't what EX_REME was claiming.
  10. WTF are you on about?
    Why are you bringing me into this ????
  11. Look doughbag, lots of things happen in infantry battalions where the humour is robust. It does not confirm that anything but a small minoroty of soliders would support the BNP. You do, but most would not. Rfn, LCpl, Cpl and Sgt, a bit more amongst the troops (RGJ wise) than being in a workshop.

    What comes into a recruiting office and what ends up serving in a battalion isn't quite the same thing.

    Ah, now I have to tell you that there were poofs in your day and mine. None too open about it, but if you were in the Sgt's mess in 2 RGJ then you will have known at least one who was very discreet (made WOII, he is dead now and I won't name names anyway) but everyone knew. But perhaps you were too busy in the NF circle to notice!
  12. I have to agree with CDT-Dodger I was 3 RGJ 83 -89 and I remember swastika flags, etc hung quite openly in the barrack blocks ( I,B and R Coy for definite ) ignored or encouraged by the NCO's and taken down only on inspections, and there was a definite NF culture going on...
  13. I'm sure the veterans would find that a right larf! :roll:
  14. Well, you were there and I was not. After my time. If true I am shocked and frankly ashamed, not so much that a few nigs might do stuff like that but that the Senior NCO's either did not notice or turned a blind eye. I'll have a chat with some people on Sunday. Would not have happened in my day, not because of PC'ness but because a Rifleman is a Rifleman, whatever his race or rank.

  15. Yer - I knew this guy too - his name was McDon****** and he was HQ CSM in Dover.