In memory of Simon Foddering - Great North Run

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by runner_for_fodders, Sep 5, 2009.

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  1. If anyone would like to sponsor me in memory of Simon Foddering who was tragically killed in Morecambe Bay Helicopter Disaster 2006 it would be very much appreciated.

    I will be taking part in the Great North Run on the 20th September with all the sponsor money going to the RNLI - My target is £500 and I'm currently at just over £300 so any help would be very welcome.


    Karl Webber
  2. Done and posted on the Army Aviation website.
  3. Thanks mistersoft, very much appreciated :)
  4. Almost reached the £500 target for Si. I'm currently on £430 and doing the run this Sunday despite the doctor advising me not to do it! (as I've recently had Swine Flu and a persistant chest infection..nightmare).

    Thanks to those who have sponsored me so far - just one last push and I'm sure we'll reach the target.

  5. Good luck Karl.