In Memory of My Father

It is with great sadness and regret that I have to report the death of my father after a relatively short illness.

He was active all of his life and loved anything to do with aircraft.

He was my rock, my best friend and a above all a true gentleman and a top bloke. He followed my military career with interest from the beginning until the end. I now know what true devistation and sadness means.

I will miss his smile and enthusiasm, when he saw me. I was priveleged, and will try and dwell on happy memories.

He was my life and I will be raising a glass to him on Thursday.

I could not of wished for a better dad.
drain_sniffer said:
condolences notty..Had he had a good innings?
He was 73, and until he was diagnosed with cancer, he used to do 12 hour walks with me in the Peak District. I was there with him at the end and I an greatful for that, despite the pain it caused. He passed away on Thursday evening and was surrounded by loved ones.
Lost my own dad to cancer when he was only 56. Deepest sympathy mate.
I picked my Dad up from hospital today - 12 months ago I was told by a junior doctor he 'probably' had secondry pancriatic cancer, with 6 months at best left. Today he was told he was in remission from NHL T-cell.

I feel truely blessed I have my Dad around for a while longer yet.

When I take him to lunch in the next couple of days, a glass will be raised to you and yours Notty, you have my deepest sympathies
My sincere condolences mate. I know how you feel. Take comfort in the fact that you obviously had a great relationship with him and will always have great memories.
Really sorry to hear that Notty. My condolences mate
Sorry to hear of your loss mate - I lost my Old fella three years ago - we hadn´t seen each other for many years and had our differences. I was lucky enough to have some time with him toward the end to say the things that needed to be said.

Your Post I think, is a fitting epitaph for what was obviously a top bloke - May our own sons and daughters also think so fittingly of us when we fade away.

My Sympathies are with you. Sounds as though you were both very close.

All grief is different and unique, but I imagine some rocky and uncertain times ahead. No one can hazard a guess at how you feel, but I garauntee at times you will be overwhelmed with utter hopelessnes. It will become more bareable with time though, I promise you that. Each day/month/year will bring little steps, but steps all the same.

I'd like to thank all respondents for their kind words. I never intended for this post to solicit messages of condolences, merely to highlight that a great human being is with us no more. My world and the world at large is in my considered opinion, (I am of course biased), is worse off for his loss.

Your comments however, are welcome all the same, despite the fact that I am sure my dad would of been embarrased, but humbled by the response. I had to oick his glasses, watch and wedding ring up today from the Funderal directors, and strangely took solice from the fact that his watch, of an ilk that a man his age would wear was quite happilly ticking along.

You comments really are appreciated.

Not all people are fortunate to have what I would term as an outstanding relationship with their father. I would just point out, (And I admit I am slightly raw at the moment), it's never too late to engender such a relationship and that you only have one dad.


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