In Memory of LCpl J Lawrence & LCpl T Gill

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by JimsBoyAllGrownUp, May 29, 2006.

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  1. I am currently serving in Bosnia and have found a plaque bearing a RAMC capbadge with the inscription in memory of LCpl Gill and LCpl Lawrence. Does anyone out there have any info on these guys? It would be a shame to leave the plaque without having it mounted anywhere if it was to honour two of our guys that have passed away. Some say that they both served at some time in 5 Fd Amb, Preston. Please send info if you have any. Thanks
  2. I served with 5 Fd Amb some years ago but not at the time of the names you mentioned, but as I recall both were RTA`s in theatre. Hope this helps.
  3. I served in Bosnia in 97/98 and I am pretty sure the RTA that involved the two soldiers was the tour before ours so it must have been in 97 but not one hundered percent sure as my memory is fading with age. Ventress may know as I am pretty sure he was serving in Sipovo at the same time as I was in Bosnia ?
  4. I have sent you a PM with the details as know them.
  5. I was Jason Lawrences room mate for a couple of years at 2 Armd Fd amb and spent alot of time with him on leave in UK and was in the firing party at his funeral. He was killed on 23rd June 1998 which ironically is the 100th anniversary of the RAMC.He was killed in an rta involving a 432 rolling. Although I didn't know Tammy, I was posted to 5 GS in 2002 and came across people who spoke highly of her.

    It's comforting to know that after almost 8 years a plaque is still in place that remembers Jason and Tammy.
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I recall the RTA at Kamensco(??) and the FV432 tragedy at Sanski Most. I think the RTA involved a Bedford and Land Rover.

    Maybe a fitting resting place for the plaque would be 5GSMR in Preston. Maybe.
  7. There is a plaque in the chapel in Fulwood Barrack and a certificate in the cookhouse entrance explaining that two trees have beed are planted in memory of these two soldiers. A wreath is layed by the plaque (in the RAMC window) on 11 Nov each year along with one for another soldier who died more recently whilst serving with 5 GS Med Regt.
    Both soldiers are still regarded very highly by members of the unit who knew and served with them.
  8. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Nice to see 5GS have a Rememberance in place.

    Does 1CSMR continue with the Preston Cup, which remembers Pte Kenny Preston Killed on the RFA Galahad in June 1982.(Along with Major Roger Nutbeem and LCpl Scouse Farrell) 3 Armd Fd Amb had a competion yearly, or has that lapsed?
  9. I remember the Preston Cup from my 3 Armd days. I don't think that it is still happening. I'd be delighted to be wrong.

    When I left 1 CS, A Sqn were still playing the Kenny Mac cup with the Ace Fife Man ofthe Match award during Corps week. I played in that match 5 times and always ended up getting beat!
  10. I remember that RTA, I was on shift up at Banja Luka when the message came in, I think one of the lads wasn't wearing his tags and there was problem recognising them
  11. I was on that tour with 5GS and knew both soldiers well. Loz was killed on Corps day in a 432 accident up near Sanski Most and Tammie was injured in an RTA at Kamensko towards the backend of the tour and died a few weeks later, ironically during our post tour pis* up, not alot of people turned up for work the next few days.

    As said previously there is a plaque remembering both soldiers in the Chapel at Fulwood Barracks, maybe this plaque should be returned to 5GS to place somewhere else in Fulwood or another prominent place.

    23rd June I will be remembering both, proud to have known them.
  12. I was on the same tour as Stan, Tammy was in my section then, had a lot of respect for her and she could drink most blokes under the table. swapped postings with her as she wanted to return to 5 . Was most gutted to here that she had passed away. i did here that she didnt die in Bos but was flown home and had her life support turned off here in UK, can any1 clarify this??

    What u upto now Stan, u still trying to sell body armour ;)
  13. The plaque at the side of the road is in respect to an RTA. A WO 2 went round Bosnia and has placed plaques at every RTA site. This was in part due to the fact that more brits have been lost in RTA than enemy action. The only reason i know about this is that he put the last of his plaques down in 2003 and received a nice certificate from the CO of 1 UK BG.
  14. I was Loz and Tammy's full screw in Bos '95, both were good for a laugh. Loz arrived at 2 AFA in 1994 and was as keen as mustard. As I understand it he was the driver of a 432 that rolled into a river and he was unable to get out of his harness. Tammy I knew only slightly however I remember her as a willing worker. IIRC she was a passenger in a Rover V Daf/ Bedford accident that ultimately caused her to die of her injuries.