In memory of a great soldier!

My late father William Medland served 42 years! From 1950 to 1992.

He joined the RASC in 1950 (photo 02, he is left) and after National Service signed on as Regular Service, and served in the Korea war then he went to Hong Kong 1952-1955.

During this time a bit of a mystery, he was attached to the Middx Regiment as a driver in the 8th Coy RASC. He said that they saw heavy fighting in the New Territories north of Hong Kong in a border clash with Chinese troops.(photo 01).

His K4 truck was riddled with bullets and he had to scoop up one soldiers guts and put them into a basket, and the man with the basket on his chest was placed in the wagon and he survived!

They were known as the "Fighting Bantams" and were told not to talk about it, and in my fathers AB64 the relivant page has been removed.

On leaving the Army my father then worked as a civilian at the Naval Dockyard. He never really got used to civilian life and joined the RAF in 1970, serving until his retirement, even then he could not let go, and went into the Air Training Corps as an instructor.

I still have his Warrant Officers cap, I have mounted it on the wall above my PC next to a picture of him in RASC uniform.
When he had only a few days to live, he had cancer, I went to the UK to visit him and he took me to the railway station at St.Austell. We were both civilian at this time and I had just got into the train and had opened the window.
You know what he did, he stood to attention and saluted me saying "we will never meet again" I saluted back, we had no head dress, but I was saluting the MAN.
I said "It is a privelege to be your son" my last words to him.

I am going to stop this now because I am crying, I know it is being soft but I cant help it............. Bill.


I feel a lot better now,

Grief has this habit of creeping up when you least expect it,

Your a great bunch of blokes on this forum, dont let anyone put you down :wink:

Cheers, Bill.

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