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14 Years ago today I lost my brother Bill ..He eventually succumbed to Lukiemia after an 18 month battle with the illness .

He was a sparky and served with 17 Sport & Pastimes in MARCHWOOD before being detached to HMAV ARAKAN . Before that he served with Engineers at Waterbeach.

I was in N I when he died & was informed by the Padre & Adj in the middle of the street with the immortal words "Cpl mac your brother's dead !!" :?

Anyway the point of this post is to ask any of you who knew him to include him in your prayers for those of you who are religiously incline and those of you who like me are not ....then when your down the pub just have one for him .

Thank you for reading .

Sleep in peace my soldier laddie

Your brother G
Absent Friends,
I knew Billy well, it was a shock when we all found out. will have a brandy for him tonight.

PS he loved being on the Arakan, it was a natural progression from 17 P&M
Gentlemen I appreciate this is somewhat belated... but from the heart ...Thank you for your kind words !!

Electric Citizen, Thank you for the extra info ....I know Bill enjoyed the Arakan and the Memorial stone from the Ships crew was very much appreciated by the family .
Sean our Nephew hero worshipped his uncle Bill and as a boy would always watch for Arakan coming up the river & point out Uncle Bills Ship to all & sundry !!
The same "wee boy" is now in the Int Corps with what looks like a promising career ahead of him !! Time flies !!
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