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In Memoriam

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of my wife's tragic death. She was without a shadow of doubt my best friend and mentor, and I am missing her terribly.

I am posting this in the NAAFI, I have many friends on this site, and I absolutely do not want to be a grief whore, with all the usual fluffy responses that fly around the more serious threads that discuss death and mourning.

I am a tad busy tomorrow so my keyboard will be at rest.


"Hold me closer tiny dancer
Count the headlights on the highway
Lay me down in sheets of linen
you had a busy day today"



If she was laying on a linen sheet counting headlights on the fast lane of the M5, I'm not surprised she's rolled a seven.
Hope you have a pint or something stronger maybe

Will be a crap day no matter what, so in the true spirit of the Naafi bar, bums tits and arrse etc.

Sent from my iPhone using ARRSE so I should probably be working....
I've always fancied banging a female copper.
You'll have to reduce Banging to a bit of foreplay. She was only a Hobby-Bobby, ergo, she didn't go all the way :nod:

Seriously Arte, I hope your busyness tomorrow is on the back of my novelty Bowtie and Stacks of alcohol advice last year?
Fuck that's been quick I remember when you posted about it last year. Still you've got a dog now so no more nagging. Hope tomorrow's plans include a long session in the pub.
I've got one going spare, bodywork isn't up to much and the big ends need attention
but I'll give you a Grand if you take her, collection only mind.
Get Arrseholed tomorrow and leather some cnut!

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