In loving...oh fcuk!!

I realise this bloke probably loved his wife and wanted a memorial tattoo. But did he mean for her too look like a grinning corpse eager to rip his face off?

I hope,for his sake, he tw@tted the artist


The tattooist could of at least inked "In Loving..." instead of scratching it in with his stanley knife.
Solid grounds for a total refund, I'd say . . . . 8O :x 8)

His missus looks like . . . :twisted:
I bet she's still alive and he's just out for a sympathy shag!


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How does he know my wife?
It looks like this:


Agh Victoria Beckham. You could have given us a bit of warning Cad
Thats why the call me a Cad!! :twisted:


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I would! In fact, probably have.
Woken up with a few like that before now.
To be fair he could have picked a better pic of her in the first place. Silly gurning slag.
MoodyBitch exposed!!


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Ooooh, where do you meet these women, they're fcuking goooorgeous!!! Best I've ever seen, or had!
That just wrong on so many levels.. :oops:
Nice tits though...

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