In-House Recruiting...

OK, I've been out so long I'm verging on being a Walt, but I also have two recent additions to my domestic situation, namely two biological sons who happen to be half box-head (that's 'German' to the PC amongst us...).

Post-war Germans tend to be a bit pacifist and anti-forces, to the degree where school-provided brochures about careers pointedly exclude Bundeswehr info, but being a Brit and ex-Forces, I actually think that military service is both a morally and professionally positive influence.

Me and my dad would love to see our lads peering out of a Leopard turret or U-boot conning-tower one day (the cheek-scar and steely-eyed ace thing would suit their blonde-haired, blue-eyed looks you understand...) , but mummy is a conchee. Unfortunately, in Germany professional soldiers are considered bigger losers than plods, which is quit something.

Anybody else out there with dual-nationality offspring who have to deal with this conundrum?

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