In growen toenail

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by eul0gy, Jul 17, 2006.

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  1. hey

    im currently hounding my local GP to get a ingrowen toe nail taken off and i was wondering would i have to waight till it had completely healed up and nail growen back before signing up , would i fail my medical if it hasn't fully regrowen?
  2. No you won't fail your medical because of an in-growing toenail. As long as it is not bleeding, pussing or infected you will be fine. I had mine removed and now have no toenail on my left big toe. They didn't bat an eyelid at it on my medical. Good Luck.

    Cheers easy!
  4. I had such annoying problems with ingrowing toenails that it took 5 minor operations, culminating in having the nail beds burned out with phenol, to solve the problem. And even that didn't work. However the fact that I only have 8 toenails didn't cause me any problems with medicals etc. It will cause you a problem if you leave the problem to fester (literally so).
  5. The "im" was ok. The rest was pretty bad, do you want to join the para's by any chance?
  6. I had an ingrowing toenail once, went to the doc's and got told to comeback at the appointed time... some months/weeks latter. In the mean time my Sister (who's a nurse) stuck her thumb nail under the toe nail and popped it out. Never had any probs since :) took her all of 3 seconds to sort. Hurt like F**k at the time but pain is just weakness leaving the body :)
  7. ROFL , i should of double checked that post before sending it, im dyslexic usually check stuff but i was tired when i posted that.

    cheers for the headup guys on the medical stuff.

    well i have an appointment to get it taken out start of august so it should be fine from there onwards
  8. i was thinking about something with computers as im pretty good with them , but i aint decided yet
  9. well its finally out but its had acid or something put on the toe nail bed to stop it growen back looks weird
  10. Learn to spell - ****!
  11. I had both done at age 14. took about 4 weeks to heal up and stop being pussy. they cut straight lines across both sides of both nails and now they are fine. I wouldnt want to be doing a lot of training straight afterwards though, but at the speed my recruitment is growing I doubt it will be a problem for you if you did your BARB before the operation!
  12. I did the same with mine, used a nail file to get under the nail and pop it up, then trim the dodgy bit with a scalpel blade. Like you say it hurt like hell but my nail grew back ok and never had any more problems.
    DIY surgery its safer than the NHS
  13. mine were growing in all the way down to the cuticle so I wouldn't have been able to have a go at it myself. I had a good day though, it was the day of the solar eclipse and they put my appointment back 10mins so all the staff could watch it, and they brought out X-ray paper to look through.
  14. effing minger, did she suck her thumb as well before and after.