In-country environmental test ranges

Wasn't sure where to put this, so I'll start here as it's equipment based.

I'm doing a review of International locations for Hot and Cold climatic testing of vehicles, external not chambers. I've got a list of the major locations and those which I have dealt with previously, but I was thinking there are bound to be people on here who have beenin involved in climatic tests on military kit (vehicles or otherwise).

So anyone got any suggestions of places I might want to consider...if you could give me some info I'd appreciate it...would be good to get an idea of:

Location (country, town)
Name of supplier/facility
Test conditions
Decent local pubs


Is this an 'official' request? If so, why not just ring up the various TDUs and ask them - especially ATDU? There are a number of proven locations where these trials are already undertaken.
It's currently an 'internal' request which will probably become an 'official' request, to add to the joy of it, contacting TDUs is not something I am 'allowed' to do currently (although some phonecalls have been made) and requesting any formal information from the customer seems to require a contract change and negotiations on how much it will'd think that big MOD engineering projects aren't screwed up by the system!!


p.s. I appreciate there are current well known places to trial...these are where we said we'd go...we are now being asked to justify that for works sake?

p.p.s. anyway it is the pubs I'm more interested in.

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